Triangle Basketball Officials Association Opposes HB-91

Triangle Basketball Officials Association Opposes HB-91

The Triangle Basketball Officials Association (TBOA) is a group of 275+ men and women who
have a passion for officiating. We referee high school basketball in the greater Triangle area
(including Wake, Durham, Orange, Harnett, Johnston, Franklin, Vance, Granville, and Warren
Counties). We are independent contractors, governed by the North Carolina High School
Athletic Association (NCHSAA), and strongly oppose the legislation pending called HB-91.

The NCHSAA has always operated at the highest ethical standard. Their 108-year tradition of
doing what’s in the best interest of high school sports and student-athletes is unparalleled
across the country. Our experience as NCHSAA-approved officials is the same.

The NCHSAA provides officials across the state the framework with which to manage games,
players, coaches, and schools fairly and equitably and supports our having a positive relationship
with high school athletics and its 400+ member schools. This relationship, developed over
decades, has been instrumental in our officiating being seen as a gold standard in the country.
The NCHSAA has expertly managed the officiating program and HB-91 would destroy this
relationship. It would have a significantly detrimental effect on the retention of current officials
and attracting the next generation of referees so badly needed in all sports. Simply put, you
cannot play high school sports without officials.

Despite the proposal the Committee be comprised of educators and coaches, those people are
ultimately answerable to the politicians who place them there. They are governed by the
politicians who choose them, and would negatively affect high school athletics with politics.
While we do not purport to represent all 6500+ officials across all high school sports in the state
of North Carolina, should HB-91 become law, it will be a decision that ends high school athletics
as we know it, adversely impacting the ranks of badly needed officials.

The undersigned members of the TBOA wish to fully support our position that the NCHSAA
remain an independent organization and ask that you reject HB-91.
Greg Fogleman, TBOA Regional Supervisor

TBOA Members in Support

Steve McNeill Max Carter Mike Gaskins
Esther Beyer Nicholas Thorpe Michael Brown
Steven Canady Matt Wolf Ben Strunk
Justin Ford Joe Korostynski Calvin Thompson
James Walters Brian Rushing Justin Salz
Shawn Spence Dewarren Compton John Henderson
Brian Eaves Jim Wear Mario Giscome
Jimmie Massengill Mark Barbour Talise Morris
Gee Lopez Gary Wiley Otis Tucker
Omar Essader Richard Platia Barry Jones
Darrow Rimmer John Holmes Kenneth Royster
Jerry Soletro Steve Schwartz Don Johnson
Bruce Wharton Dwight Ausley Dennis Andrews
Richie Hogg Michael Eason Campbelle Austin
Rodney Crooms James Brown Jeffrey Johnson
Dale Ham Waldo Rogers Eddie Gadson
Daniel Fisher Bill Cheek Mario Price
Junior Creech Archie Dekeyser Roger RIckman
Chris Andrews Stephen Peay Bob Surgan
Kenneth Gentry Keith Johnson Rodney Clapp
Chris Wegwart Marcus Brown Jeff Faulkner
Louis Mays John Rees Rick Voltz
Eric Curry Stephen Keidel Russell Yolland
Masonic Stokes Henrietta Brunson Jim Sedlmeyer
Michael Douglas Sr. Sabah Hamad Leon Relaford
Gary Swanson Ryan Beale Eric Hopkins
Steve Rhodes Charles Gwynn Kinely Williams
Bobby Shipwash Joseph Thomas Abron Jr. Sylvester Fuller
Bradley Richards Klara Vinson Dean Beabout
Donald Bryant David Outlaw Scott Graham
Felton Page John Wood Dr. Idella Johnson
George Akins Darren Deese Justin Frear
Ken Hall Rob Arthur Chris Losack
Sean Cherry Eddie Pendergrass Donald Johnson
Michael Thompson Justin Brown Bernard Footman
Lakwauna Hicks Dennis Harrell Vernon Brown
Melvin Hamlett Robert Hemingway Sam Allen
Alex Fowler Jennifer Davis Michael Utley