The Morning Run:We Need a Break(Top Ten List for this Week)

We need a break from this heat…It has definitely been a factor this week for all that have been working out, outside…This heat and humidity are taking their toll, and we need to look this week, at ways to try and get a break from this heat…Got to keep The Morning Run running, and got to get a break from this heat and humidity…

It was another hot and humid morning, out there this morning, and now we will try and break this up for you….

When we say “Gimme a Break”, we mean Gimme a Break, and here it is….CLICK ON BELOW

If you are looking for a break, you have to get to a point where you are Making It…I’m solid gold, I’ve got the goods, they stare when I walk through the neighborhoods, I’m making it, this time in life there’s no faking it, I’m making it…David Naughton with “Making It”….Click On and get back to that old tune, that you were singing, as you walked through the neighborhood, back in the day…

Sometimes it’s just the way it goes, and That’s the Breaks…George Strait has the tune ready for us, That’s the Breaks…CLICK ON

While you’re at it, Break me off a piece of that….Yes, can you help this guy from the office with his problem….CLICK ON BELOW

Could be time to bring back a little Break Dancing music to clear the air of this humidity….CLICK BELOW

There’s got to be a better day, and there is, here is Bill Gaither and his Gaither Vocal Band, with Better Day…CLICK ON BELOW

Now for our Top Ten for this week, and it deals with ways to stay cool, as we try and break/beat this heat….

Top Ten Ways to Beat the Heat
1)Drink more water
2)Stay inside
3)Wear light clothing
4)Skip the socks
5)Eat smaller portions at meals
6)Do workouts earlier in the day, or later in the day, after the sun has gone down
7)If run your AC, run a fan also, that will circulate the cool air
8)Take more showers
9)Find some nice shade trees to hide under
10)Don’t throw in the towel….You will need it to wipe the sweat off of your face…

Time to run, time to get out of here, and we are done with The Run, for this week, but we hope to join you right back here again, next week….We will see you next time, on The Morning Run..