NFL investigating DeShaun Watson, and Carolina Panthers might be investigating to trade and get DeShaun Watson

Carolina Panthers reportedly still considering Deshaun Watson trade
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(If say Deshaun Watson was jailed, could he serve his time on Monday-Friday, and then get out on work-release, so he could play football on Sunday??? Not sure if that idea has ever been investigated, but it sounds like something worth looking into.)

Apparently the Carolina Panthers aren’t even giving Sam Darnold a full training camp before considering a potential quarterback upgrade in Deshaun Watson.

While the NFL continues to investigate the numerous sexual misconduct allegations leveled at Watson, Carolina is “quietly keeping an eye on Watson,“ per ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio.

Watson did lead the NFL in passing yards last season on an awful Houston Texans team, and is also a serious threat to run the ball. He’s pretty much everything you’d want from a modern quarterback from a pure playing standpoint.

Now, obviously the scandal that surrounds Watson puts his future in doubt. In the meantime, he’s taking practice reps at safety and serving as the Texans’ fourth-string QB.

Latest Deshaun Watson rumors are obvious indictment of Sam Darnold
If Darnold were blowing the doors off of his second opportunity to be a franchise quarterback after his failed stint with the New York Jets, trading for Watson wouldn’t really be under consideration, especially given the circumstances surrounding him.

Yes, if Watson is fully exonerated, teams will be lining up to try to acquire him, since he’s already demanded a trade from Houston.

But the fact that the Panthers would be willing to presumably sacrifice a ton of assets after already giving up second- and fourth-round picks in the 2022 NFL Draft to land Darnold suggests that the team really isn’t behind him.

Despite the unquestionably improved circumstances he’ll be in with his new team, this version of Darnold fans see in Carolina will likely be much of the same we’ve seen dating back to his career at USC. He’ll make some “wow” throws, he’ll extend plays with his legs, but he’ll also give the ball away often and make questionable decisions.

Projecting a fair Carolina Panthers’ Deshaun Watson trade
Until more clarity is had on Watson’s situation, figuring out what the baseline would be for a trade is tricky. Firstly, how much wrongdoing is he responsible for, and how does that impact his value?

Also important to consider: Even if Watson is fully exonerated, don’t suitors have all the leverage, since they know there’s no future in which the QB dons a Texans jersey?

Taking all these factors into account, here’s a potential Watson-to-Panthers trade scenario:

Texans get: QB Sam Darnold, WR Robby Anderson, two 1st-round picks
Panthers get: Deshaun Watson
It’s virtually certain that Houston would want more than this, but again, the team hardly has any leverage at this point. Getting multiple first-round picks, plus a young QB with upside in Darnold, gives the Texans flexibility in addressing their QB situation going forward.

Watson would obviously take Carolina from fringe playoff contender under Darnold to legitimate Super Bowl hopeful. Maybe that fact is why the Panthers are rumored to still be in on Watson if the chance presents itself, and this author’s suspicion that they’re not sold on Darnold is a little overblown.

However things play out, Watson will be on a different team at some point, and Carolina has been linked to him for a long time. Charlotte seems as likely a destination for Watson as anywhere else.