The Morning Run:Running at Midnight(Top Ten List for this Week)

Thinking about running at Midnight this morning on, The Morning Run, and thinking about that old member of the Midnight Express tag-team that died this week, and that was Bobby Eaton…We have yet to hear any comment about Bobby’s passing from Stan Lane, and Stan is a Greensboro fellow, from Page High School….

But as we head out on the Morning Run, let’s look at Midnight related tunes…Good day to be running today, by the way…Perfect temps, and nice low humidity….To The Morning Run, at Midnight…

If you are going to run in the Midnight hour, you’ve got to wait till the Midnight Hour..In the Midnight Hour, from Wilson Pickett….CLICK ON BELOW…

Nothing like a good old shot of the Midnight Special, with CCR….Click On Below….

Who know’s what’s going to happen After Midnight…Eric Clapton knows, because he saw it, and he wrote it down…Click On for Eric Clapton, and his tune…

Wolfman Jack takes us back to the old Midnight Special TV Show…CLICK ON BELOW…

Here is a good spiritual tune for us, The Midnight Cry, from Ivan Parker…CLICK ON

Here is the theme song for the Midnight Express…CLICK ON BELOW…

Finally today we have the Midnight Express vs. the Rock n Roll Express at the Great American Bash, 1987…CLICK ON BELOW…

Our Top Ten for this week comes from Top Ten items on the menu, over at the Beef Burger, back in the day….They are trying to bring the Beef Burger back, but can it be the Beef Burger again, without Ralph Havis on the scene??? I just don’t think so…It wasn’t about the food at the Beef Burger, it was about Ralph, and he can’t be brought back….

Top Ten Items on the Beef Burger menu
1)The Beef/Biff Burger with the secret sauce
2)The Special
4)Just a plain order of fries
5)The Chocolate Dip Cone
6)Cheese Sticks
7)The iced tea/maybe a Cheerwine
8)A hot dog
9)A Beef Burger milk shake
10)A Flouderwich Fish Sandwich

All of the food was good, but it was never quite the same, when Ralph Havis wasn’t around the place…

Well, that’s it for us for this week…Hope to see you right back here, next week…The Morning Run runs on, until it runs out….