Checking Out the Crops:At Page High School Football Practice on Friday night, after Midnight

Was able to get over to Page High School for the football practice on late Friday night/early Saturday morning, and it was good to see the Pirates going through their early season workout…

Page was going with two a-days on Friday, with their first practice at 6pm, and the Pirates second practice at 11pm…

The Pirates finished up their second practice at around 12:30am…That practice went from 11pm, till 12:30am…Page is putting the work in, and you can tell it is paying off…

Page is beginning to learn what new coach Doug Robertson expects out of them, and Coach Robertson is doing a good job of teaching his young troops…Top assistant coach Tim Bagamary, and the other Pirate assistant coaches are getting to point where they can teach the Page Pirates how they want them to play, and the players are starting to learn and respond to the system….

Page was doing a lot of working on the offense vs. the defense on Friday night/Saturday morning, and it looks like the offense is coming around and it will be heavily dependent on running back Treveon Hester….Page is also working to build their offensive and defensive lines, and that part of the plan, is going to be critical to the team’s success….

The coaches had them working on perfecting the offense and defense, and part of the work involved knowing where to line up properly, and knowing how to get the correct spacing so that the plays will work….

I saw some good athletes out there tonight, but it is going be about those athletes knowing where they are supposed to be, on every given play…It is still going to take time, but Page should be able to reap some good benefits of their hard work this upcoming season, but it is going to come down to keeping all of the key skilled athletes healthy, and making sure the young players are prepared to step up, if one of the veteran/more experienced players goes down….

Page has a very good and talented training staff, and their job will a challenge this season, as they try and keep all of these Page kids healthy…Page does not have huge numbers right now, but the numbers are growing right now, and it will take a couple of more years, to get the numbers up, where they used to be….

Page is working hard to get better, and their crops are in the fields, and the harvest season is just a few weeks away, and Page needs to get ready to play….