New News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll for this Week(8/23/2021)

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The News and Record Ten High School Football Poll is compiled by staff writer Joe Sirera, who votes on/in the poll, along with area coaches……….

4)Northern Guilford(1-0)
5)Southeast Guilford(0-0)
8)Northwest Guilford(0-1)
9)Southern Guilford(0-0)

Also receiving votes (in order of votes received)
Eastern Guilford (0-1), Southwest Guilford (0-1), High Point Central (0-1)


  1. Page at 6? Yeah they kept it close with Dudley and looked better, but would they score have been that close if Slade was playing?

  2. @curious Sure, the score would have been very different if Slade played, but who else in Guilford County are you going to rank after Grimsley, Dudley, Northern and Southeast? Southern? Northwest, based on barely avoiding a shutout against East Forsyth? Ragsdale, after struggling with NORTHEAST? Smith might be next after Page based on Week 1. Let’s face it, the rest of the teams in Guilford County are not good. At all.

  3. maybe, maybe not, we will never know. somewhat of a pointless question. its next man up! injuries are part of the game.

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