PTAC Cross Country Meet September 20 at Ivey Redmon Sports Complex

Caldwell Student Athletes participated in their 2nd CROSS COUNTRY MEET today, 20 SEPT. at the Ivey Redmon Sports Complex. Results are as follows listing C/A top 3 finishers.

MIDDLE SCHOOL BOYS 2 MILES C/A placed 3rd out of 3 teams competing Hunter Riffey 2nd place ,,, Cal Hubbard 11th place,, Caleb Roland 17th place , total competitors 42

MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS 2 MILES C/A placed 3rd out of 3 teams competing Lily Binder 4th place ,,, Leah Roland 6th place ,, Addison Acosta 8th place , total competitors 42

VARSITY BOYS 3 MILES C/A placed 2nd out of 3 teams competing Luke Collins 8th place ,,Parker Jenkins 10th place,, Kieran Rayfield 11th place,, total competitors 36

VARSITY GIRLS 3 MILES C/A placed 4th out of 4 team competing Courtney Sanders 6th place,, Fiona Konig 7th place,, Caroline Miller 16th place, total competitors 32

Courtesy of Bob Black
Big Supporter & Fan of Caldwell Athletics