Lane Kiffin says he wants Arch Manning to join the team at Ole Miss

Lane Kiffin makes social media moves in effort to recruit Arch Manning to Ole Miss
from Chelena Goldman, at

If you’ve followed the greater sports world for the last decade or so, you are well aware that Lane Kiffin makes headlines in very interesting ways. This week’s social media move is no exception.

The infamous football coach, currently at Ole Miss, took to Instagram on Tuesday to grab the attention of Arch Manning — aka 2023 five-star quarterback prospect and high-school-age nephew of Peyton and Eli. Kiffin didn’t say anything to Arch, rather unfollowed everyone but the young Manning on his IG account.

It’s an interesting tactic, to say the least. The Mannings have a storied history at Ole Miss, with Arch’s grandfather Archie, father Cooper and uncle Eli all playing football at the institution. With Arch set to visit the school twice in the coming month, it looks like Kiffin is going the extra mile to roll out the red carpet.

Kiffin’s move also cranks up the already-bright spotlight on 16-year-old Arch, who has been receiving equal parts attention and pressure for being the latest Manning prodigy. As great as being the top-ranked player in the 2023 class may be, the pressure of making life decisions just two years into high school isn’t as easy to deal with.

At least Arch has famous family members who know what it’s like to be in his shoes and can give him advice.

“I told him, ‘Hey, enjoy being a high school football player,'” Eli said on “The Pat McAfee Show,” via the New York Post. “That is a great time in your life, some of the best friends you’ll have forever. Don’t start thinking so much about colleges. Or ‘Hey where am I going to go play college,’ and thinking about the next level where you don’t get to enjoy this time in your life. So just enjoy it, work hard at it, be a great teammate and you’ll figure out where you’re gonna go play college.”