Friday Night with Ethan White:Southeast Guilford Homecoming a Smashing Success, as Falcons get 50-0 win over Ragsdale Tigers

Southeast Guilford V.S. Ragsdale High
from Ethan White, with…….

Coach Bates: The main thing the guys worked on this week was upfront. The only injury that happened was Mark Tillmon from last game and Tyshawn Wall. We weren’t really focused on the team as much. Coach Bates said that he doesn’t focus on the opponent more. He tries to focus more on his own team.

Alex Mcalop: I really want to and need to lookout for the quarterback. McCalop said the ankle that he injured in last weeks game was feeling better and nothing was wrong. The main thing the guys worked on this week was trying to get their body’s right because they took a beating last week, vs. the Grimsley Whirlies….

**********Southeast to receive the ball at the beginning of this Homecoming Contest, at Bill Slayton Stadium…*********

Key Plays and Drives:
1st Quarter
Southeast Drives
Two big run plays for the Falcons. They have the ball on their own 50 and get a BIG pass play from Bryson Sorreno to Cam Williams for 23 yard gain. Big defensive stop for Tigers. Holding on the offense. Repeat 1st down. False start on the offense. BIG HIT for the Tigers. That will bring up 4th down for the Falcons. BIG PLAY for the Falcons on 4th down to Cam Williams. TOUCHDOWN Falcons right up the middle. Aidan Bonde(DAS BOOT) for the extra point. 7-0, SEG over Ragsdale

Jordan Farmer on the Kickoff all the way to the endzone. 16-0, Southeast leads Ragsdale… False Start on the Falcons. Another BIG PLAY for the Falcons. Pass caught by Cam Williams. 1st and goal for the falcons. TOUCHDOWN FALCONS. Run to the left for Elijah Davis. SEG now up, 23-0….

2nd Quarter: Big play by the Tiger defense for the Interception. BIG HIT on Arron Brown. Big stop for the Tigers to bring up fourth down. Falcons have a first down on the 2-yard line. TOUCHDOWN FALCONS. Elijah Davis in on the run. 30-0, SEG Falcons are in control…. Falcons will have 1st down on the Ragsdale 36. Holding on the offense. That will back the Falcons to the Ragsdale 46. Illegal Formation on the offense. That will bring up 3rd down. BIG 3rd down play to Christian Deese to the Ragsdale 4. TOUCHDOWN FALCONS. Elijah Davis up the middle. SEG runs their lead up to 36-0.

3rd Quarter: Delay of game on the offense. Pass complete to the Ragsdale 42. 1st down Falcons. BIG PASS play to Jordan Farmer to the Ragsdale 5-yard line. Offensive pass interference. They will repeat 1st and goal. TOUCHDOWN FALCONS. Sorrenon Pass complete to Cam Williams. SEG way out in front now, 43-0. Jordan Famer runs the wildcat up the middle for a 1st down. Ball on the Ragsdale 28. Jordan Famer in as quarterback now.
4th Quarter: 1st and goal for the Falcons on the Ragsdale 8. Ragsdale on the play for a loss of 3. Ball to the Ragsdale 19. Run up the middle from Maki for 3 yards. Brings up 4th down. False Start on the offense. TOUCHDOWN FALCONS. Christopher Hendrix on the end around from Jordan Farmer. Hendrix on the SEG TD, and the Falcons end up with a 50-0 victory, over the Ragsdale Tigers… Jordan is going to take a couple of knees and that will end the game…..Big night for Jordan Farmer and all of the Southeast Guilford Falcons….

Ragsdale Drives
1st Quarter
Ball goes over the quarterback’s head into the endzone for a safety. Carson Burnett on the tackle. 9-0. A screen pass for Tigers to the Tiger 42 for a first down. False Start on the offense. Fumble by the offense. Picked up by Jordan Farmer. Ragsdales quarterback will go down for a sack on the play. Jordan Dallard on the play. Nice tackle on the play by Elijah Davis. Pass to number 4. Big pass to number 3 for the tigers but it will fall incomplete. 4th down coming up.

2nd Quarter: Big 3rd down coming up. And the Falcon defense will stop them to bring up 4th down. Big 4th down run for the Tigers for number 10. That will bring up a 1st down for the Tigers. Fumble on the play. Its recovered by Grant Stevens from the Falcons. Delay of game on the offense. It will be a 3 and out for the Tigers. The Falcons bring the pressure and they block the punt. That will be another 3 and out for the Tigers.

That will bring us to halftime. Southeast 36 Ragsdale 0

3rd Quarter: Nice little run up the middle for about 4 yards. That will bring up 3rd down. Ragsdale fumbles but they recover it. They will punt.

4th Quarter: Falcons stop the Tigers to force them to punt. Tigers muff the punt. The Falcons have it on the Ragsdale 12-yard line.
Injury’s: Injured Ragsdale player number 2.

Tonight the Falcons came out strong with some BIG pass plays to set the tone. The Tigers weren’t able to move the ball that much with that fast and aggressive Falcon defense. The final score for this Homecoming game tonight is Southeast 50 Ragsdale 0.

Saying Good Night, I’m Ethan White from Homecoming 2021, at Southeast Guilford High School, and from inside Bill Slayton Stadium…