Friday Night with Ethan White:SEG Falcons Flying High and have Playoff Hopes on their mind, as Southeast hurdles Hornets(Western Guilford)

Southeast Guilford Vs. Western Guilford
By: Ethan White, for

Tonight’s battle at the Nest is against Western Guilford and Southeast Guilford. Southeast is coming into this game at 4-3 overall and Western is coming in at 1-5. The questions that I want to know is when will we see this offense come alive for Southeast? And how can the Western defense stop the Falcon offense?

Coach Bates: “You know it all starts up front. If you don’t have a front line then you can’t get anything going. The main things we focused on this week were eliminating penalties and better tackling. When Alex is on the field the team plays different. I think Cam is a great player. When you have a skill guy that can play both sides of the ball and wants to do that you just know he wants play and win.”

Aidan Bonde (DAS BOOT): “My pregame routine is that I sit down in my locker and play a field goal game on my phone and try to make as many field goals as I can. I also go and start to get my field goals in myself before every game. The nickname DAS BOOT started last year but didn’t get big till this year. Its just a fun thing to say you know.”

Bryson Sorreno: The team has treated me like a brother and has brought me into this loving football family. We’ve improved on the bonding and trusting each other more since the big loss against Northern. Really we just want to focus on the small mistakes and just go out there and have fun.”

Southeast Guilford Drives: Southeast to receive the ball first

1st Quarter: TOUCHDOWN Falcons!!! Jordan Farmer on the kickoff return all the way to the house. Falcons try a 2-point conversion and is no good. 6-0. False start on the offense. Screen pass to number 34 all the way to the Falcon 18. Personal foul on the Hornets. BIG screen pass to Kaleb Mosley to the Hornets 45. BIG screen pass to Jordan Farmer to the hornets 31. Timeout Falcons. Bryson Sorreno on the QB keeper to the Hornet 19. TOUCHDOWN FALCONS!!! Alex Mcalop on the keeper up the middle. DAS BOOT aka Aidan Bonde for the extra point, is good. 13-0. Cam Williams on the end around for a solid 9 yard gain. TOUCHDOWN FALCONS!!!!. Elijah Davis on the run up the middle for the touchdown. DAS BOOT for the field goal and its good. 20-0. Holding on the offense. That will be a 3 and out for the Falcons.

2nd Quarter: TRICK play for the Falcons, Jordan Farmer on the keeper. All the way to the Hornets 28. BIG sack for the Hornets to back up the offense to the 31. Intentional grounding by Bryson Sorrano. Falcons going for it on fourth down. They will get the first down. DAS BOOT on the field goal and it will be no good. TOUCHDOWN FALCONS!!!! Alex Mcalop on the big run up the middle where he hurdled a man. 2-point conversion no good. BIG pass play to Jordan Farmer but will come back for ineligible receiver. Timeout Falcons. BIG sack for the hornets brings up fourth down.

3rd Quarter: Good stop for the Hornets to stop the Falcon offense on 3rd down. Brings up 4th down. Big first down run on fourth down for the falcons. Big first down run by Elijah Davis bouncing off defenders for the first down. TOUCHDOWN FALCONS!!! Elijah Davis up the middle into the endzone. BIG run up the middle from Elijah Davis. Elijah Davis up the middle for another first down.
4th Quarter: TOUCHDOWN FALCONS!!!! Elijah Davis up the middle into the endzone. DAS BOOT on the field goal and its good. 40-0.
Half Time: Southeast 26 Western 0

Western Guilford Drives:

1st Quarter: Western to start on their own 27-yard line. Nice pass to Kaveon Leonard for a gain of 11. False start on the offense. Another false start. Nice run by Zack Kashubara to get back to the original line of scrimmage. Bryson Moore on the run to the Falcon 46 for a first down. Defensive pass interference on the Falcons. Pass is intercepted by Kaleb Mosley at the Falcon 6 yard line. Nice pass to Deandre Hargrove for the first down. FUMBLE on the play. Falcons recover it by Alex Mcalop. Snap goes over the head of the QB, but got it back.

2nd Quarter: BIG run on the play for Deandre Hargrove to get a first down but will come back for block in the back. INTERCEPTION by the Falcons. Keshwan Wall on the pick. INTERCEPTION by Jordan Farmer. BIG stop for the Falcon defense. Brings up 2nd down. Nice pass to the Hornet 39 from number 7. INTERCEPTION by Kaleb Mosley. Personal foul against the Hornets. Unsportsmanlike conduct on the Falcons.

3rd Quarter: BIG return for the Hornets up to the Falcon 46. The Hornets will go 3 and out on their first drive of the 2nd half. Big return for Hornets. Taken from the 1-yard line up to the Hornets 35. On that incomplete pass that will bring up another 3 and out.

4th Quarter: Screen pass to Cameron Winfield for the Hornets will go no where on that play. FUMBLE by the QB picked up by Jordan Dollard. TOUCHDOWN FALCONS. DAS BOOT kick is good. 47-0. BIG run up the middle from number 9 for the first down. Nice stop on the play by Tyni Curtis. TAKING A DEEP shot to number 2 that falls incomplete. Looked like there was some miscommunication on the play with the QB and running back he will lose yards. BIG play by the Hornets. Pass by Deandre Hargrove to Deandre Hargrove. TOUCHDOWN HORNETS!!! Deandre Hargrove up the middle for the touchdown. 2 point conversion is no good. 47-6.

That will be our ball game. Southeast came out fast with a Kickoff return for a touchdown on the first play. The defense for the Falcons held them to 0 points until the end of the game. Western was struggling on both side of the ball. The Western defense just could not stop the Falcon offense. The Falcons struggled with penalties. But in the end the Falcons came out with the win 47-6. This is Ethan White writing for you from Southeast Guilford High School and saying goodnight.