Travis Shaw(Grimsley HS) back and ready to play Friday night vs. Page High School, at Jamieson Stadium

He has missed the entire Fall 2021 high school football season, but come Friday night, Travis Shaw, #2 for the Grimsley High School Whirlies will back on the HS football field at Jamieson Stadium, wearing that #2 Grimsley jersey, and playing on the defensive line for Grimsley(8-0/5-0), vs. the Page Pirates(4-4/4-1)….

Travis has been out since last year’s 4-A State Championship Game, where he injured his shoulder, had surgery, and has been in recovery mode since then…

But, Friday night, Big Cheezy will be back for the Whirlies, in their biggest game of the year to date, versus their arch-rivals, the Page Pirates…

**********And on another note, going on this week over at Page High School**********


  1. Hey Grimsley Whirlies. We are coming to get you on Friday night. All of you Pirate Alums better remember whose side you are on. The battle lines have been drawn and Friday night Jamieson Stadium will belong to Page High School. Calling all Pirates to get on the ship. The Whirlies are going down and it will be hard to find a Whirlie in this town on Saturday morning. All aboard cause it is time to set sail.

  2. Once again it shows Grimsley is really worried about Page. Travis Shaw playing after having a major shoulder surgery less than around 6 months. Wow can’t believe someone is letting this kid play.Page will find a way to win. Grimsley has a basic offense that does not get a couple of the best players in the state the ball . Corners will get exposed again and the coaching staff will not make any adjustments.They are not a disciplined team. Page has the advantage with the big running back Hester(Whirlies can’t tackle).I’ve been saying the ship is floating again. Arr no excuse after Friday Whirlies let’s see if they have a hype video after this week. (FYI) keep the focus on the kids. ( Self Centered). Grimsley QB will continue to run RPO quit giving (Bill Belichick )so much hype the are getting ready players no coaching required.Travis will not be a factor trust me.He’s much more distraction on the side lines and the coaching staff says nothing.(Super Star) treatment. Page with the win by 10. Pirate Nation.

  3. Ah those Page Purrrrites just can’t handle that they’re no longer the Big Dog in town these days…That time has passed my friends. Times have changed…the torch has been passed to Whirlie Nation (and the Nighthawks…maybe, we’ll see in couple of weeks) to be rulers of the gridiron in Guilford County. You had your moment in the sun Purrrrites, now sit back, relax, and watch how it’s really done.

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