Ole Miss comes after former head coach Hugh Freeze with taunting tweets

Ole Miss brutally taunted ex-coach Hugh Freeze in deleted tweets
from Larry Brown Sports, with Grey Papke, and from YardBarker.com/www.yardbarker.com

Whoever runs the Ole Miss football Twitter account got a little carried away after Saturday’s win over Liberty.

The Rebels beat Liberty 27-14 on Saturday in a win that had some extra significance. Liberty is coached by Hugh Freeze, who coached Ole Miss from 2012 to 2016 before he was forced out amid a slew of recruiting scandals.

There appeared to be some lingering hard feelings over those scandals. First, the Ole Miss football account tweeted a message that mocked one Freeze sent in 2013 addressing then-allegations of recruiting impropriety.

It wasn’t done there. Shortly afterward, the account tweeted the famous image of Freeze coaching from a hospital bed in 2019 after undergoing surgery.

Both tweets were deleted after they received a mixed reception. Many enjoyed the taunting, arguing that Ole Miss had a right to hold a grudge after Freeze left the football program in shambles. Others felt that it was over the top, especially when considering Ole Miss administrators bore some culpability for the scandals that took place under the former coach.

Whatever the case, don’t expect Ole Miss’ current coach to have much sympathy considering what he dealt with on his return to a former employer.