Caldwell Academy at Salem Academy Swim Meet from November 16

Caldwell Academy competed in their 2nd swim meet of the year on 16 NOV with Salem Academy being the
host to C/A plus Calvary Day School , Summit School , and Burlington Christian Academy .
Unofficial Score— C/A 358 pts,, CDS 318 pts,, SS 220 pts ,, SA 105 pts,, BCA 73 pts

Here are Caldwell’s top 2 finishers in each event.

W 200 yd MEDLEY RELAY– 1st place,, Brooke Jorgenson,, Reece Ramseur,, Ayden Walsh & Anna Grace Reynolds
M 200 yd ” ” 1st place,, Kieran Mohorn,, John Ramos,, Noah Ramos & Jonathon Reynolds
W 200 yd FREE – 1st place Reece Ramseur,, 2nd place Brooke Jorgenson
M ” ” FREE – 1st place Nick Brooks,,, 2nd place Kieran Mohorn
W 50 yd FREE – 4th place Libby Newman,, 6th place Fiona Konig
M 50 yd FREE 1st place Noah Ramos,, 2nd place Riley Parsons
W 100 yd BF 1st place Reece Ramseur,,
W 100 yd FREE 1st place Brooke Jorgenson,, 2nd place Anna Grace Reynolds
M 100 yd FREE 1st place John Ramos,, 2nd place Noah Ramos
W 200 yd FREE RELAY 1st place Brooke Jorgenson,, Ayden Walsh,, Anna Grace Reynolds,, Reece Ramseur
W 200 yd FREE RELAY 5th place Sally Wang,, Fiona Konig,, Amanda Landin,, Libby Newman
M 200 yd FREE RELAY 1st place Noah Ramos,,, Kieran Mohorn,, Jonathon Reynolds,,, John Ramos
M 200 yd FREE RELAY 3rd place Zach Hall,, Miller Hagie,, Nick Brooks,, Riley Parsons
M 100 yd BACK 1st place Riley Parsons,, 3rd place Kieran Mohorn
W 100 yd BREAST 2nd place Ayden Walsh,, 5th place Anna Grace Reynolds

Courtesy of Bob Black