Steak n Shake Players of the Week and a look at the Dudley Panthers’ offense vs. the Greenville Rose defense

Steak n Shake Players of the Week coming in from Dudley High School, after the Panthers 36-0 win over South Point, at Dudley last Friday night, and the Offensive Players of the Week are Dudley RB RJ Baker who had 10 carries for 122 yards and four touchdowns, plus we have Mehki Wall, had a kickoff return for a TD, and he caught a TD pass, and we have Dudley QB Jahmier Slade who came through for Dudley with 6-13 passing for 152 and 1 TD pass, plus 0 INT’s and Slade ran the ball 11 times for 66 yards, giving Slade 218 total yards for Dudley, in the 36-0 victory over the South Point Red Raiders…

Those are your Steak n Shake Players of the Week on offense from Dudley, and Wall also had an interception, while standing in punt return formation for Dudley…Expecting a pass, and here comes a punt, so you haul it in and collect the thrown football, just like you would collect and haul in, a punted football…I have been to and seen games in the past, where the punting team would probably rather pass the ball, than punt it, and if it is intentional, that is OK, but when you are running the fake punt, and the ball gets picked off, you are talking about a whole different animal….

Dudley Steak n Shake Players of the Game on defense are Jaylan Richmond, Jhyheem Pittman and Logan Wright….Richmond, Pittman, and Wright all three had 11 total tackles on Friday night….And catch this, Pittman had 4 Tackles for a Loss, Wright had 3 TFL’s and Richmond had 2 TFL’s…Wright with 1/2 a QB Sack, and also a caused fumble….

Here is the Steak n Shake Player of the Week story for the 2021 season…
*********Steak n Shake Players of the Week for the 2021 Season**********
Winners so far this season:
Grimsley’s Alonza Barnett III
Tanner Ballou from Northwest Guilford High School
Jordan McInnis(Northern Guilford HS)
Southeast Guilford Falcons’ kicker Aidan Bonde
RJ Baker, from Dudley High School
Jeiel Melton(Grimsley HS)
Trevon Hester(Page HS)
Jack Mercer(Northern Guilford HS)
Devontay Deloatch(Page HS)
Jaiden Evans(Eastern Guilford High School)
Alex Sarantos(Northwest Guilford High School)
Michael Shaw(Dudley HS)/Jahmier Slade(Dudley HS)
Mehki Wall(Dudley HS)
Mehki Wall, RJ Baker and Michael Shaw(Dudley HS)
Jahmier Slade and K.J. Morehead(Dudley HS)
RJ Baker, Mehki Wall and Jahmier Slade(Dudley HS)

Steven Davis II from Dudley High School
Alex McCalop from Southeast Guilford HS/Logan Wright(Dudley HS), Xavier Simmons(Northwest Guilford HS)
Western Guilford’s linebacker Bryson Moore
Braxton Veiga-Eastern Guilford High School
Jeremiah Barnes, from Dudley High School
Tamorye Thompson(Grimsley HS)
Decory Covington(Southern Guilford HS)/Austin Flippen(Northern Guilford HS)
Jerron Blackwell(Page HS)
Parker Maynard(Page HS)
Jhyheem Pittman(Dudley High School)
Ronnie Crump(Smith High School)
Travis Shaw(Grimsley High School)
Logan Wright(Dudley HS)
Jhymeem Pittman and Logan Wright(Dudley HS)
Steven Davis II and Jhyheem Pittman(Dudley HS)
Jaylan Richmond, Jhyheem Pittman, and Logan Wright(Dudley HS)

**********All of the Weekly Winners will be placed in a pool, and we will vote from the group for our Steak n Shake Players of the Year, at the end of the season…The Steak n Shake Players of the Year will receive an autographed football and a POY Plaque…**********
(We will have open voting for our Players of the Year, and then we will take the top four vote getters in the Final Voting, and have our selection panel choose the Players of the Year, from the four finalists in each of the two categories, offensive and defensive POY’s.)

CLICK HERE to see the video conference with Coach Steven Davis from Dudley HS, and with Coach Bland, from Greenville Rose…You can fast forward past the other coaches to Coach Davis and Coach Bland…

Dudley on Offense for the 2021 season:
QB Jahmier Slade has gone 99-165 passing for 2,171 yards, with 28 TD’s/4 INT’s…Slade with 79 carries for 710 yards and 4 rushing touchdowns….Slade with 2,881 total yards for the season, and 32 total TD’s…
RB Michael Shaw with 1,216 rushing yards and 13 TD’s on the ground…Shaw with 9 receptions for 69 receiving yards and 2 more TD’s…Shaw with 1,285 total yards on the season and 15 TD’s…
RB/SB Rory/RJ Baker with 1,206 rushing yards on 109 carries, with 17 TD’s…Baker with 19 receptions for 646 yards and 10 TD’s…Baker with 86 yards on Kickoff Returns and 116 yards on Punt Returns and a total of 2,054 all-purpose yards and 28 TD’s/172 total points scored…
WR/KR Mehki Wall now with 37 receptions for 906 yards and 9 TD’s…Wall with 18 carries for 271 yards on the ground and 4 TD’s…Wall with 715 yards on Punt Returns and 131 yards on Kickoff Returns…Wall with 2,059 all-purpose yards and 18 TD’s, with 118 total points scored…Wall with 2,059 all-purpose yards and Baker with 2,054 all-purpose yards this season for Dudley….
RB KJ Morehead with 71 carries for 669 yards and 7 TD’s…Morehead with 11 receptions for 197 yards and 5 TD’s…Morehead with 925 all-purpose yards on the season and 12 TD’s…
WR Nasir Newkirk with 25 receptions for 446 yards and 3 TD’s…Newkirk is just a freshman….

Dudley offense with Slade at QB, Shaw and Baker at RB, Wall, Newkirk and Bartley(another freshman) at WR, with Neal(37 Pancake Blocks), Humphrey(41 Pancake Blocks), McLendon(44 Pancake Blocks), McManus(29 Pancake Blocks) and Hargrove(14 Pancake Blocks) upfront doing the blocking(Four Pancake Blocks vs. South Point, by McLendon, to lead the Panthers)…And here is the defense, from Greenville Rose, that the Dudley O will be attacking on Friday night….

Start things off with Klavon Brown, at Middle Linebacker, leading the Rose Rampants on defense…Brown with 154 total tackles, 1.5 Sacks, 2 Interceptions, 2 Fumble Recoveries, 9 Caused Fumbles, and 2 Pass Deflections/21 Tackles for a Loss…This guy can get around….75 solo tackles and 79 assists…
Defensive End Juantre Bradley has 101 tackles on the season with 46 solos and 55 assists…Bradley with 4/12 sacks and 1 Pass Deflection…
JJ Loftin is at Inside Linebacker for the Rose Rampants, and he has 99 Total Tackles on the season…For Loftin, he has 10 1/2 Tackles for a Loss…Loftin with 2 1/2 sacks, 1 interception, 1 Pass Deflection, 1 caused fumble and 5 TFL’s…
There’s Jah’Quarion Brown, a defensive back, with 91 total tackles…Brown 8.5 TFL’s, 3 1/2 sacks, 1 Interception, 2 Pass Deflections, 3 Fumble Recoveries, 1 Caused Fumbles, 1 Blocked Punt….All-around busy man, JQ Brown…
You have Jameer Roach, at Safety for Rose….Rose’s Roach with 80 total tackles, 5 1/2 TFL’s, 1/2 a Sack, plus 2 Interceptions and 1 Fumble Recovery…
Up next, you have Ty’Queron Hines at cornerback…Hines with 50 total tackles and 3 TFL’s…Hines with a team-leading 4 Interceptions and 12 Pass Deflections…
Let’s look at Jaceire Waller-Daniels, with 43 total tackles on the year, from his cornerback position…Waller with 1 INT, 5 Pass Deflections, 1 Fumble Recovery, and 1 Caused Fumble, from his spot in the defensive backfield…
Defensive End Ajani Farmer goes with 41 total tackles for the Rampants…Farmer with 6 1/2 TFL’s…Farmer with 2 sacks, 2 Pass Deflections, a Fumble Recovery, and a Blocked Punt…Greenville has a good group of Punt blockers on this team…
DL Antonio Williams with 35 total tackles/1 TFL, 1 1/2 sacks, and 1 Caused Fumble…
LB Jordan Daniels with 35 total tackles/2 TFL’s…1 Caused Fumble…
DT Brion Grimes with 34 tackles/5 TFL’s, 1/2 a Sack, 2 Pass Deflections, 3 Fumble Recoveries…
DE Trey Swann with 32 total tackles/3 TFL’s, 1 Caused Fumble…
*****Also we need to watch out for Henry Walter, he has only played in 4 games this season for Rose, but he was among the Top Tacklers with 7 tackles/3 TFL’s in the Jacksonville game, from his linebacker spot…Also 7 total tackles for Rose’s Antonio Williams in the JAX game…**********