High School Basketball Tonight(12/10/2021) in and around Guilford County

Here’s tonight’s hoops schedule looking at you….

Southeast Guilford at Grimsley girls at 6pm/boys 7:30pm…Grimsley boys (4-0)/SEG(0-2)…SEG girls(3-1)/Grimsley(2-2)
Northern Guilford at Ragsdale girls at 6pm/boys 7:30pm…Both Grimsley boys and NG boys(4-1)/NG and Ragsdale girls both (4-0)
Western Guilford at Northwest Guilford girls at 6/boys at 7:30pm…NWG boys(3-0)/NWG girls(2-1)/WG(2-2)
Southwest Guilford at Page girls at 6/boys at 7:30pm…Page boys(0-3)/SWG(2-1)…Page girls(1-3)/SWG(3-0)
Eastern Guilford at Northeast Guilford girls at 6:30pm/boys at 8pm…NEG boys(2-3)/EG(1-2)…NEG girls(3-2)/EG(0-3)
WS Atkins at Smith girls at 6/boys at 7:30pm…Smith and WS Atkins boys both (3-1)…Smith girls (4-1)/Atkins(2-4)
Rockingham Count girls(5-0) at Southern Guilford(0-4) 6:30pm
Ravenscroft(4-4) boys at Greensboro Day School(11-0) 6pm…GDS-Ravenscroft girls game at 4:30pm..GDS girls(3-4)RAVEN(3-5)
Statesville Christian at Caldwell Academy girls at 5:30/boys at 7pm…Caldwell boys(6-1)/Statesville(0-6)…CA girls(6-1)/SC(5-2)

High Point Central-OFF
High Point Andrews-OFF
High Point Christian at Wesleyan Christian Academy with girls at 5:30 and boys game at 7pm….
(If the game is not listed on MaxPreps, we won’t have it.)