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Looking at the New High School Basketball Polls with Grimsley boys, Northern Guilford girls and Greensboro Day boys holding down top spots

Public Schools Boys Top Ten Poll
3)Northern Guilford(10-5)
5)TIE:Northwest Guilford(9-5)/Ragsdale(10-4)
7)High Point Andrews(11-2)
8)Southern Guilford(10-6)
9)TIE:Page(5-8)/Southwest Guilford(5-8)

Public School Girls Top Ten Poll
1)Northern Guilford(14-0)
2)Southwest Guilford(11-1)
5)Southeast Guilford(9-4)
6)High Point Andrews(8-3)
7)Northwest Guilford(8-6)
9)Western Guilford(6-7)
10)Northeast Guilford(6-8)

Private School Boys Top Ten Poll
1)Greensboro Day School(21-2)
2)The Burlington School(20-3)
3)Piedmont Classical School(12-0)
4)High Point Christian Academy(14-3)
5)Forsyth Country Day(10-8)
6)Wesleyan Christian Academy(9-9)
7)Caldwell Academy(11-9)
8)Shining Light Academy(12-4)
9)Westchester Country Day(4-4)
10)Calvary Day School(6-12)

15 Comments on “Looking at the New High School Basketball Polls with Grimsley boys, Northern Guilford girls and Greensboro Day boys holding down top spots

  1. Two questions:
    — Did Grimsley’s loss to Greensboro Day in the HAECO final not count for some reason? You’ve got Grimsley as 14-0, but you counted Smith’s loss to GDS on Smith’s record.
    — Why do you list Piedmont Classical as a private school? It’s a publicly funded charter school. Maybe you include them with privates because they reclassify? (That is the ultimate scam, isn’t it? Taxpayers having to foot the bill so that a few kids can play an extra year of high school basketball. If they want to reclassify, let their parents pay for it.)

  2. It all works out good for the readers…Grimsley boys got the NG girls record beside their name on the first draft…Now adjusted..Lots of numbers on a small sheet…Why ask so many questions??? Enjoy it all for what it is…Piedmont Classical does not play many, if any, public schools, so that is why they are among the private schools…They play primarily a private school schedule, and they do not compete in the NCHSAA playoffs…Cornerstone Charter plays a heavy private school schedule, but they do compete in the NCHSAA Playoffs…

    Giving folks some and more info to be reading while there are no games…Hopefully there will be games again by Friday night….

    Lots of ways to look at the overall layout of the teams and games…NWG just beat Ragsdale, so you could say NWG should be rated higher than Ragsdale, but they were tied for the entire regulation game, and then for one overtime period..Looks very much like a tie right not to me, and Ragsdale still has a solid record overall…Smith finished higher than NWG and Ragsdale at the HAECOisHiring.com Tournament, so Smith gets an edge in the poll over NWG and Ragsdale….Smith defeated Dudley in the regular season in OT at Dudley, but Dudley just knocked off a very talented Quality Education Academy, and therefore the big jump for the Dudley boys….Northern Guilford just lost to Grimsley, so, NG falls a spot in the poll this week….

    We don’t just slap the teams out on a sheet and see where they stick…We have seen quite a few games this season, and know all of the teams from Guilford County pretty well…

    Hoping all of you can get back out there this Friday night for more high school basketball viewing…The Page girls have made a jump in the girls poll….They just defeated Southeast Guilford last Friday night…Hard not to have the SWG girls at least as high as #2 with their current record only sporting one loss….SEG is supposed to ready to travel to NWG in a girls makeup game tomorrow/Wednesday night….

    On the Piedmont Classical School boys team, still coached by Johnny Richardson, we believe, they have one of their teams that is the Unbeaten squad, and another team, that is (14-13)….We get reports from the schools and we have MaxPreps, and all-in-all we have a pretty good set of polls, but polls, like life, they are subject to change, and we see changes coming after this week….I just hope we get the games in…

    Get out there and check out some high school basketball….And keep on talking about it here….All comments within reason, are welcome…

  3. Not entirely sure but there could be two teams at pca. Andy their first or “A team” very well maybe the one with a 14-13 record. So you could be putting a JV team in third place??
    That 4a metro is a tight one after grimsley. Northern, nwg and Ragsdale. Should make for an exciting finish.
    Haeco results do not count for nchsaa playoffs seeding right?

  4. I am going to have to call Johnnie Richardson at Piedmont Classical and see what they are working with…Smith topping Dudley twice is interesting, and that would be half of the Dudley four losses…Dudley really got my attention with that win over Quality Education Academy last Saturday night at Dudley…Dudley at Smith next Friday night is looking like it might be the game to decide the Mid-State 3-A, for the boys…
    (Wish all of you could have seen that Dudley comeback vs. QEA last Saturday night, it was one of the best I have ever seen….The gym was electric and if you get a chance, you can go back and listen to the Dudley Coach David Price interview at the Dudley-QEA post here at the site…It was an interesting journey for Coach Price while at Dudley, and we had the chance to be with him almost the entire way….Dudley went to East Carolina(NCHSAA East Regionals) 12 straight years, and we there for every one of those games with the broadcast….We were with the Dudley boys in Greenville one night, and then up in Hickory, with the Southeast Guilford girls the next night….9 O’clock game on Tuesday, and a 7 o’clock game on the following night, Wednesday…Quite a ride back then…

    The Metro 4-A Conference Tournament this year for the boys and girls should be a good one…We are starting to get some good input, and let’s get some more here…Give us some shots….

    Might have an updated poll if we can get the games in on Friday…

  5. Andy you’re doing a great job. We appreciate keeping boys and girls basketball alive in the TRIAD

    Thank you

  6. Lol I like johnnie and he is a good coach. But good luck getting him to admit that he is 14-13 lol. He will definitely take that unbeaten record.

  7. To reiterate what Coach Hines said the coaching staff at Page High School certainly appreciate the efforts of Andy and Greensboro Sports in covering the high school sports in this area.
    I know my student athletes love it when they get interviewed after a big win and when Greensboro Sports is in the house covering the game.
    Keep up the good work Andy!

  8. The thing I enjoy about these polls is it gets people talking…Love to see and hear what everybody is thinking and then saying, and we usually get a lot of things cleared during our discussions…Sure wish we could hear from Milton Jenkins again….He used to love to get in on the conversation…I have known Reggie Hines since back in the days when he was helping as a coach at Southeast Guilford, and nobody hits the trails any harder than Coach Ed Johnson…

    We already have at least one 6th-grade girls player on our radar charts, and one 7th-grade boy on our charts…

    Nasir Gibbs, who used to be with Shining Light Academy, was with Quality Education Academy, back on Saturday night when QEA came to Dudley…

    It would be great to see the conversation continue, and any time we can promote a kid that is playing ball, we want to be able to do that for them, and wish them the best…

    Vance Bolyard, who plays football(on offense and defense late in the 2021 campaign) for Northern Guilford, that young man is doing a good job on the basketball court too….

    Another young man who is doing a good job on the basketball court and he also played football, is Alex Taylor, for the Grimsley Whirlies….Smooth dribbler, shooter and defender…Alex is making things happen for Grimsley, just like Vance is for NG…

  9. So I reclassed my son due to a learning disability and including his maturity level. Initially started him in school too young. That is my mistake as a young parent. He was young for his grade.
    Is that an issue for folks? Gentleman earlier specify mentioned it and seems to have an opinion. Let’s discuss and be cordial. Btw I pay taxes like all of y’all. Am I to let him continue to struggle? Interested to hear thoughts on this.
    Andy well done and I appreciate you sir.

  10. Keep the comments coming, this has been a good conversation…If a kid needs an extra year of school, it could work out good for all concerned in the long run….

  11. Parents know what’s best for their children. If they need an extra year, get them an extra year. Sure there are many people out there that would like to go back and do it again. The extra of high school, or of school in general, might be the best decision ever. Good topic and it is not always all about sports with these types of decisions. Many reasons for the choices that must be made.

  12. @Say it and Jimmy Thomas You’re more than welcome to an extra year of high school for your child for a learning disability or academic reasons. He/she just shouldn’t get to play sports on the taxpayers’ dime during that year. If you want an extra year of athletics, go to a private school and pay for it. There’s a really good school for students with reading difficulties right in Guilford County. It’s called Noble Academy, and they have athletics. They also offer financial aid.

    Unfortunately, a number of people use a reclass year for athletics at publicly funded charter schools like Piedmont Classical and abuse the system. Most of the reclassed players on that powerhouse Piedmont Classical team a few years ago did not have academic issues (or Ken Free Jr. was lying about how strong his kids were academically when he was talking to colleges). They simply wanted to be able to play high school basketball at age 19 (or in a couple of cases age 20) to become more physically mature and didn’t want to pay for it.

    I didn’t ask for you to pay for my children to go to a parochial school. Don’t ask me to pay for your child to go to a school just to play sports for an extra year. They have a right to an education, but they don’t have a right to sports.

  13. Andy BIG THANKS for helping to keep high school basketball in the NEWS. The local paper
    ( News & Record ) does a very POOR job in this area. Appreciate you including the private schools.

  14. The News and Record is doing all that they can do…Joe Sirera does a great job, and with him on board, they(N&R) /are/is a major player…

    Joe has been sick, and we all hope he will be back at full strength(100%) very soon…With Joe out, and he has been out now for around 10 days to two weeks, the paper is on their own…With Joe, they are one of the top high school sources in the state for local sports…

    Hoping Joe will be back soon…

    We are trying to find all we can post this week, and with no games going on, we are finding many untapped topics that we know you will enjoy…Last week, we were at 9 games in 6 days, but this week, so far no games at all…Stay tuned, we will be looking for more news topics that will keep us and you jumping, and be sure to keep Joe Sirera in your thoughts, with the plan to see him back at the N&R real soon…

    Many of you probably didn’t know Joe had been sick, but he has been on the mend….

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