Al Michaels called the end of the LA Rams-Bucs game “Lunacy” and the fans loved it

Fans loved Al Michaels’ call at end of Bucs-Rams playoff game
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The ending to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Los Angeles Rams playoff game on Sunday was wild, and there was nobody better to have on the call than Al Michaels.

The Rams blew a 27-3 third-quarter lead against the Bucs before eventually prevailing 30-27 on a field goal to win the game. Before the Rams kicked the winning field goal as time expired, Tampa Bay actually had tied the game with 42 seconds left.

After Leonard Fournette scored a touchdown to make it 27-26, Michaels delivered a great line.

“This is officially lunacy,” Michaels said while calling the game for NBC.

Fans and media members alike thought Michaels captured the sentiment perfectly.

Yep, that is why Michaels gets paid the big bucks. The 77-year-old broadcaster is actually expected to switch networks soon and move to Amazon.