Game Report on Ragsdale-Grimsley Girls Basketball:Atwater and Boddie help Tigers stop Whirlies on Saturday afternoon

Final from the Bob Sawyer Gym on Saturday afternoon:
Ragsdale 45, Grimsley 33
End of First Quarter:Ragsdale 14, Grimsley 8…Halftime:Ragsdale 24, Grimsley 23…End of Third Quarter:Ragsdale 37, Grimsley 31…Final:Ragsdale 45, Grimsley 33

Ragsdale scoring:Atwater 17 points, Boddie 12, Mackie 7, Patrick 5, Patel 4
Grimsley scoring:VonReichbauer 16 points, Britt 9, Olson-Fine 3, Davis 3, Knapp 2

Game Notes:
**********Ragsdale just played four games in five days, and the Tigers won three out of those four games…Not a bad five-day stretch for the Ragsdale Tigers…One of the better played games for the Grimsley Whirlies this season…Grimsley played very competitive the entire game, and the Whirlies were only down by a point, at halftime…Grimsley had leads in the first half…

Atwater, down low, was too much for Grimsley to handle…She was tough all game long….VonReichbauer(Grimsley HS) hit for three 3’s as part of her team-high 16 points…Jordan Britt, also with three 3’s for Grimsley….Olson-Fine added one three for Grimsley, giving the Whirlies a total of seven 3’s for the game…

Grimsley couldn’t go inside vs. Atwater, so they had to go some place, and that place was outside the three-point arc, but the 3’s were not falling for Grimsley in the second half, like they did for the Whirlies in the first half…Solid defense from Grimsley on Ragsdale’s Boddie and Patrick in the first half…Grimsley was trying to hold down Boddie and Patrick, and not let them get their games started/rolling….Boddie got very busy, and Patrick got busy for Ragsdale too, in the second half…

Ragsdale out-scored Grimsley, 13-8, in the third quarter, and Ragsdale held Grimsley to just two points, in the fourth and final quarter/period of the game, out-scoring Grimsley, 8-2, in the fourth…Very solid game from Erin Mackie from Ragsdale, who chipped in 7 points for her Tigers….**********

from Ragsdale assistant coach, Cliff Jackson:
Ragsdale 45 Grimsley 33

1- R 14 G 8
2- R 24 G 23
3- R 37 G 31

Atwater 17, Bodie 12, Mackie 7, Patrick 5, Patel 4