Game Report on Ragsdale-Southeast Guilford Girls Basketball:Atwater, Mackie, and Patel help Tigers jell in Win over Falcons

Final: Ragsdale 46 (14-8) SE Guilford 39 (13-10)

End of: 1 Ragsdale 10 SE 4
2 Ragsdale 25 SE 13
3 Ragsdale 34 SE 28

Ragsdale: C Atwater 14, E Mackie 13, K Patel 10, M Patrick 5, V Bodie 7

SE: Roberts 17, Mason 8, Walker 7, Harris 6, DiMattio 1

Christian Atwater and Erin Mackie dominated the paint and got the Lady Tigers off to a fast start. Victoria Bodie and Mackie hit big free throws down the stretch holding off a Lady Falcon charge in the fourth quarter. Sydney Roberts lead the Lady Falcons with 17 points.

Courtesy of Ragsdale assistant coach Cliff Jackson