Caldwell Academy Boys Swim Team repeats as State Champs


The student/athletes from Caldwell Academy competed in the NCISAA 3A State Swimming Championship at the GAC
on 15FEB, wit the BOY’S TEAM repeating as STATE CHAMPS with 22 teams competing & the GIRL’S TEAM finished 6th
out of 26 competing teams. Here are the results of the CALDWELL SIMMERS ( TOP 8 )

GIRLS 200 YD MEDLEY RELAY,, 3rd place Brooke Jorgenson. Ayden Walsh, Reece Ramseur, Anna Grace Reynolds
BOYS 200 YD MEDLEY RELAY,, 1st place Kieran Mohorn, John Ramos, Riley Parson, Noah Ramos ( school record )
BOYS 200 YD FREESTYLE 8th place Nick Brooks
BOYS 200 YD IND MEDLEY 5th place Noah Ramos (school record )
GIRLS 50 YD FREESTYLE 2nd place Reece Ramseur
GIRLS 100 YD BUTTERFLY 2nd place Reece Ramseur
BOYS 100 YD BUTTERFLY 6th place Noah Ramos, 7th place Riley Parsons
BOYS 100 YD FREESTYLE 1st place John Ramos ( school record ), 6th place Kieran Mohorn
GIRLS 500 YD FREESTYLE 8th place AnnaGrace Reynolds
GIRLS 200 YD FREE RELAY 3rd place Ayden Walsh, Brooke Jorgenson, AnnaGrace Reynolds, Reece Ramseur
BOYS 200 YD FREE RELAY 8th place Riley Parsons, Miller Hagie, Zack Hall, Jonathan Reynolds
GIRLS 100 YD BACKSTROKE 2nd place Brooke Jorgenson
BOYS 100 YD BACKSTROKE 3rd place Kieran Mohorn, 6th place Nick Brooks, 8th place Riley Parsons
GIRLS 100 YD BREASTSTROKE 2nd place Brooke Jorgenson
BOYS 100 YD BREASTSTROKE 2nd place John Ramos ( school record )
BOYS 400 YD FREE RELAY 3rd place Noah Ramos, Nick Brooks, Kieran Mohorn, John Ramos, ( school record )

Entire girls & boys swim team will return next year as no SENIORS this year.

Courtesy of Bob Black