2022 4A Individual Wrestling Tournament First Round Results from the Greensboro Coliseum

Thursday, February 17, 2022

GREENSBORO, NC – The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) began the three-day Individual Wrestling State Tournament at the Greensboro Coliseum. Opening round bouts in the 14 3A and 4A weight classes have concluded and 2A First Round Matches are now underway. Below are the results from the 2022 4A Individual Wrestling State Championship First Round matches. Results from 3A bouts were sent in an earlier message and are already available on the NCHSAA website.

All wrestlers will return to action tomorrow morning as the Consolation First Round will get underway for 2A, 3A, & 4A at 9:00 a.m. followed immediately by the Championship Quarterfinals for each of those three classifications. All Wrestlers in the 1A Championships will begin their tournament with the Quarterfinals at approximately 2:00 p.m. tomorrow.

2022 NCHSAA 4A Wrestling State Tournament
Thursday, February 17, 2022
Championship First Round
106 lb.
Jackson Rowling (Hough, 37-1) won by major decision over Kyle Pruden (Northwest Guilford, 40-6) (MD 8-0)
Brayden Daker (Corinth Holders, 29-7) won by decision over Jayvion Johnson (Pine Forest, 29-3) (Dec 11-8)
Bradley Yokum (Ragsdale, 43-2) won by tech fall over Isaac Marez (Mallard Creek, 26-19) (TF-1.5 3:15 (16-1))
Daniel Dickerson (Riverside-Durham, 27-11) won by decision over Alexander Barnett (New Bern, 34-14) (Dec 11-6)
Tyler Watt (Wake Forest, 33-7) won by fall over Riley Conway (Jack Britt, 25-12) (Fall 0:58)
Grant McCord (Grimsley, 19-5) won by decision over Leyton Bean (Olympic, 28-9) (Dec 6-2)
Conner Hibberd (Middle Creek, 33-3) won by tech fall over Jonathan Binanay (Cardinal Gibbons, 19-8) (TF-1.5 6:00 (16-1))
Noah Cauble (Piedmont, 42-6) won by fall over Luke Dover (South Mecklenburg, 19-9) (Fall 1:22)

113 lb.
Liam Hickey (Cardinal Gibbons, 38-2) won by fall over Antonio Renda (Cuthbertson, 26-7) (Fall 1:43)
Ma`kya Kerns (Lumberton, 40-9) won by major decision over Justin Prince (A.C. Reynolds, 29-12) (MD 15-3)
Cooper Davis (Cox Mill, 31-4) won by fall over Daniel Martinez (Wakefield, 15-6) (Fall 1:30)
Joseph Baisley (Charlotte Catholic, 43-5) won by decision over Cameron Schmidt (Holly Springs, 31-6) (Dec 8-1)
Justin Travers (Jack Britt, 8-7) won by fall over Evan Slack (South Mecklenburg, 14-13) (Fall 2:26)
Eli Pendergrass (Northwest Guilford, 40-2) won by tech fall over Matthew Vindigni (Cleveland, 28-4) (TF-1.5 3:11 (15-0))
Cameron Stinson (Mallard Creek, 43-0) won by tech fall over Zane Ray (Gray`s Creek, 38-7) (TF-1.5 2:29 (19-4))
Joey Bruscino (Southeast Guilford, 44-4) won by fall over Lucas Cotto, Jr. (Laney, 22-3) (Fall 1:32)

120 lb.
Noah Luna (Providence, 31-1) won by tech fall over Michael Baysden (New Bern, 34-14) (TF-1.5 5:09 (17-2))
Isaiah Wilson (Glenn, 40-4) won by major decision over Ezra Jack (Cary, 29-9) (MD 10-2)
Ian Fritz (Topsail, 41-1) won by fall over Mclean Gaston (Charlotte Catholic, 23-11) (Fall 0:57)
Finn Urmey (Green Hope, 28-8) won by fall over Noah Murray (Lake Norman, 29-16) (Fall 3:09)
Trevor Freeman (A.L. Brown, 33-3) won by fall over Darian King (Green Level, 13-9) (Fall 3:37)
Cael Bergquist (Heritage, 46-3) won by decision over Jaylen Purvis (Myers Park, 24-7) (Dec 8-6)
Matt Rowland (Pinecrest, 35-0) won by fall over Carter Bockenstedt (Weddington, 44-12) (Fall 1:31)
Jonah McBurney (South Caldwell, 31-12) won by decision over Ethan Lenyszyn (DH Conley, 34-4) (Dec 5-2)

126 lb.
Cameron Parker (Ardrey Kell, 32-7) won in tie breaker period 1 over James Poole (Northern Guilford, 27-11) (TB-1 4-2)
Hunter Gundry (Cardinal Gibbons, 16-2) won by decision over Lucas Daley (Chapel Hill, 32-5) (Dec 7-0)
Dylan Pepin (Northwest Guilford, 41-2) won by fall over Burl Sober (Asheville, 23-18) (Fall 0:38)
Jackson Ealy (Green Hope, 18-2) won by fall over Kobe Masingale (Wakefield, 21-7) (Fall 1:15)
Mark Samuel (Laney, 36-0) won by fall over Dylan Rumer (Gray`s Creek, 14-7) (Fall 0:32)
Isaac Sheehan (Glenn, 49-5) won by major decision over Jazion Humphrey (Chambers, 29-10) (MD 14-2)
Luke Fogleman (Riverside-Durham, 30-4) won by fall over Mason Hawks (Fuquay-Varina, 32-10) (Fall 0:12)
Hunter Jones (Hickory Ridge, 45-8) won by tech fall over Braeden Delao (Olympic, 28-15) (TF-1.5 4:29 (15-0))

132 lb.
Luke Kunath (Cardinal Gibbons, 29-3) won by fall over Aidan Nasta (Cuthbertson, 27-10) (Fall 1:22)
Richard Williams (Gray`s Creek, 40-2) won by tech fall over Kanon Harrington (Alexander Central, 32-15) (TF-1.5 4:23 (19-4))
Eli Murray (Lake Norman, 45-7) won in sudden victory period 1 over Frank Bianco (Rolesville, 34-5) (SV-1 3-1)
Khamani Harrison (Chambers, 37-9) won by decision over Bernis Holmes (Lumberton, 29-7) (Dec 8-3)
Riley Merchant (Pinecrest, 42-6) won by fall over Anthony Hopkins (South Mecklenburg, 19-8) (Fall 1:49)
Ethan Blevins (Topsail, 45-1) won by decision over Will Gibson (Northwest Guilford, 33-5) (Dec 3-0)
Brandt Fajerman (Hough, 40-2) won by fall over Grayson Weibl (South View, 26-13) (Fall 1:42)
Jayden Harrison (Laney, 35-8) won by major decision over Colt Campbell (Hickory Ridge, 45-12) (MD 9-1)

138 lb.
Tyler Caldwell (Hough, 25-7) won by fall over Tristan Hawkins (Clayton, 25-7) (Fall 1:48)
Samson Sokolski (Mooresville, 29-6) won by decision over Porter Brice (Chapel Hill, 32-9) (Dec 10-5)
Tyler Tracy (Cardinal Gibbons, 39-2) won by fall over Daniel Russom (Watauga, 26-16) (Fall 0:42)
Jaylon Pemberton (Hickory Ridge, 42-10) won by fall over Matthew Foil (Lumberton, 39-10) (Fall 2:55)
JT Richards (Lake Norman, 48-3) won by fall over Devin Kissinger (Pinecrest, 22-13) (Fall 1:44)
Trey O`Connor (Mallard Creek, 34-9) won by fall over Keegan Herbst (Ashley, 21-6) (Fall 3:42)
Landen Nelson (Hoke County, 40-7) won by decision over Christian Hasty (Porter Ridge, 30-12) (Dec 4-3)
Avery Buonocore (Laney, 21-4) won by fall over Harrison Cash (Asheville, 30-8) (Fall 5:48)

145 lb.
Patrick Iacoves (Lake Norman, 34-8) won by decision over Jason Sanders (Hough, 24-11) (Dec 8-2)
Isaiah Williams (Apex, 18-5) won by major decision over Samuel Freeman (Cardinal Gibbons, 25-7) (MD 9-0)
Jacob Woodburn (Page, 26-0) won by fall over Irving Griwatz (Asheville, 18-6) (Fall 2:56)
David Coptsias (Hoke County, 35-10) won by fall over Pete Wintersein (Clayton, 27-6) (Fall 2:52)
Noah Thomas (Laney, 38-6) won by major decision over Jaxson Durbala (Gray`s Creek, 29-5) (MD 11-2)
Colin Queen (Northwest Guilford, 41-4) won by decision over Cooper Marshall (Ardrey Kell, 23-10) (Dec 7-0)
Luke Rider (Holly Springs, 35-1) won by fall over Carter Felix (Corinth Holders, 19-12) (Fall 4:43)
Greg Merriman (Mooresville, 44-3) won by fall over Connor Reese (TC Roberson, 30-18) (Fall 0:43)

152 lb.
Brody Neal (Lake Norman, 39-12) won by decision over Tristan Cotto (Laney, 32-5) (Dec 6-3)
Cedric Griffin Jr (Hoke County, 38-6) won by fall over Da`vion Crawford-Harris (Mallard Creek, 32-17) (Fall 1:50)
Davis Freeze (Mooresville, 39-3) won by fall over Har Htoo (New Bern, 28-17) (Fall 1:47)
Jeffrey Hoelscher (South Mecklenburg, 25-5) won by forfeit over Terrence Olu Rouse (Panther Creek, 28-3) (For.)
Jackson Buck (Lumberton, 42-1) won by fall over Dylan Dalton (Alexander Central, 20-7) (Fall 1:39)
Collin Bailey (Davie, 40-3) won by forfeit over Logan Haseley (Corinth Holders, 34-7) (For.)
Cooper Ogden (Pinecrest, 31-8) won by fall over Zachary Palombaro (Independence, 26-4) (Fall 3:15)
Drew Pepin (Northwest Guilford, 42-2) won by fall over Cole Mcgee (Cardinal Gibbons, 23-8) (Fall 3:22)

160 lb.
Elijah Brown (A.C. Reynolds, 43-0) won by tech fall over Joseph Palmer (Corinth Holders, 17-7) (TF-1.5 6:00 (22-5))
Garrett Benfield (Northern Guilford, 37-2) won by tech fall over Zyeal Lloyd (Lumberton, 36-14) (TF-1.5 4:34 (17-2))
Owen Harshbarger (Laney, 40-5) won by fall over Tommy Haney III (TC Roberson, 21-20) (Fall 2:57)
Alex Bentley (Hickory Ridge, 41-4) won by fall over Grant Garey (Middle Creek, 29-5) (Fall 1:47)
Michael Quinones (East Forsyth, 39-0) won by fall over Gavin Draper (Holly Springs, 27-9) (Fall 3:03)
Jackson Riley (Ardrey Kell, 32-7) won by fall over Jackson Cuba (New Hanover, 35-7) (Fall 4:47)
Jayden Dobeck (Pinecrest, 29-1) won by fall over Bennett Dicarlo (Weddington, 36-7) (Fall 2:09)
William Melton (Clayton, 39-3) won by fall over Conrad Taylor (Providence, 26-12) (Fall 1:58)

170 lb.
Roman Garofola (Northern Guilford, 30-8) won by fall over Adlai Kohn (Asheville, 23-10) (Fall 1:04)
Brion Brunson (Jack Britt, 31-8) won by fall over Vihan Surti (Garner, 33-4) (Fall 5:54)
Tomas Brooker (Hickory Ridge, 49-3) won by fall over Bruin Lytle (McDowell, 35-15) (Fall 3:16)
Sam Grena (Cary, 42-2) won by fall over Samuel Davis (Cardinal Gibbons, 35-7) (Fall 3:31)
Alex Hopper (Laney, 41-2) won by fall over James Ellison (Lumberton, 20-8) (Fall 0:49)
Brady Raab (Mooresville, 41-12) won by decision over Owen Reilly (Charlotte Catholic, 25-7) (Dec 8-4)
Alexander Gunning (Chapel Hill, 36-2) won by forfeit over Ethan Files (Ashley, 19-6) (For.)
Jack Jarvis (Davie, 33-4) won by fall over Xavier Williams (South Mecklenburg, 20-9) (Fall 1:19)

182 lb.
Devon Bell (Laney, 34-0) won by fall over Kyle Perry (Hickory Ridge, 37-9) (Fall 1:27)
Caleb Joines (Jordan, 27-3) won by decision over Nathaniel Dahlstrom (Alexander Central, 42-6) (Dec 7-4)
Hunter Testa (Davie, 28-2) won by fall over Caleb Bess (DH Conley, 35-18) (Fall 1:30)
D`andre Hunt (East Mecklenburg, 27-6) won by major decision over Jake Badalementi (Riverside-Durham, 17-6) (MD 11-3)
Robert Hyder (Pinecrest, 34-5) won by decision over Alexander Jones (South Mecklenburg, 22-12) (Dec 3-2)
Austin Roberts (Fuquay-Varina, 36-5) won by fall over Adam Jessup (Page, 20-7) (Fall 5:08)
Michael Pepe (Hough, 15-0) won by fall over Gage Ratley (Gray`s Creek, 28-10) (Fall 0:42)
Gavin Hartsell (A.L. Brown, 30-5) won by fall over Aidan Tauszky (Corinth Holders, 28-10) (Fall 2:45)

195 lb.
Jesse Barrier (McDowell, 31-7) won by decision over Pierce White (Hoggard, 25-7) (Dec 6-2)
Aidan Meagher (West Forsyth, 29-2) won by decision over James Bankston (Hillside, 26-8) (Dec 7-1)
Caleb Beaty (Corinth Holders, 16-0) won by fall over Peter Kolomiyets (A.C. Reynolds, 33-7) (Fall 4:43)
Quintez Shipman (Lumberton, 42-4) won by decision over Donorris Abbew (Northwest Guilford, 35-6) (Dec 11-4)
Sam Cowher (Cox Mill, 34-2) won by tech fall over Aspen Talbot (Cary, 44-10) (TF-1.5 4:50 (16-1))
Kahmari Cook (Mallard Creek, 41-10) won by tech fall over Charles Bishop (Laney, 28-13) (TF-1.5 4:48 (16-1))
Jacob Green (Pine Forest, 14-1) won by fall over Mike Rank (South Iredell, 36-6) (Fall 2:47)
Jasiah Toussaint (Olympic, 35-13) won by fall over Jeremiah Davenport (New Bern, 19-6) (Fall 3:23)

220 lb.
Brysen Goodbey (Davie, 36-8) won by fall over Jamarion Anderson (Rocky River, 24-4) (Fall 1:56)
Will Brock (Pinecrest, 25-5) won by fall over Logan Shiers (New Bern, 25-19) (Fall 1:24)
Sakarri Morrison (Lake Norman, 36-6) won by fall over Collin Campbell (McDowell, 34-7) (Fall 3:12)
Hunter Berryhill (Overhills, 32-1) won by major decision over Xavier Lewis (Leesville Road, 18-3) (MD 13-5)
Trystan Richardson (Laney, 40-9) won by fall over Geronimo Oxendine (Hoke County, 31-16) (Fall 3:20)
Darius Ward (Hough, 24-8) won by decision over Bryce Gadson (Cox Mill, 33-5) (Dec 6-4)
Vincent Nolfo (Holly Springs, 17-0) won by fall over Jamir Bordley (Clayton, 19-10) (Fall 0:53)
Nathan Carnes (Porter Ridge, 37-4) won by fall over Wilson Major (Myers Park, 23-6) (Fall 3:11)

285 lb.
Alberto Hernandez (Rolesville, 30-1) won by decision over Ray Watson (Mooresville, 31-11) (Dec 3-1)
Chase Godwin (Pinecrest, 29-6) won by fall over Nicholas Furman (Mallard Creek, 13-9) (Fall 4:34)
Carson Floyd (Lake Norman, 46-3) won by fall over Corey Pollock (Laney, 36-8) (Fall 4:18)
Amarie Daniels (Jack Britt, 27-6) won by fall over Bryson Stines (McDowell, 18-9) (Fall 2:33)
Rylan Vann (Cary, 22-1) won by fall over Kevin Pereira (South Caldwell, 13-9) (Fall 1:09)
Alex McCalop (Southeast Guilford, 43-2) won by decision over Christian Shepherd (Enloe, 35-8) (Dec 4-0)
John Domencic (Green Hope, 25-5) won by fall over Furquan Maynard (Alexander Central, 26-5) (Fall 1:20)
David Eldridge (West Forsyth, 30-5) won by fall over Taevion Cox (New Bern, 39-4) (Fall 3:21)