NCHSAA Basketball Playoffs Round Three/Sectional Finals/NCISAA Finals TODAY and Game On, on GreensboroSports Radio

NCHSAA Basketball Playoffs Round Three/Sectional Finals/NCISAA Finals
**********NCHSAA Basketball Playoffs Round Three/Sectional Finals**********
#5 Chambers boys(21-6) at #4 Grimsley(25-3) 6pm
We were at the Smith doubleheader on Tuesday, then out to the Northern Guilford doubleheader on Thursday, and today/tonight we will be at the Bob Sawyer Gym, on the Grimsley High School campus, for Grimsley vs. Chambers…Pregame on GreensboroSports Radio, at 5:50pm and game time comes at 6pm with the opening tip off….Join us for high school basketball tonight, on GreensboroSports Radio…Whirlies-Cougars, on GreensboroSports Radio….
#19 Northern Guilford boys(18-8) at #11 Myers Park(16-8) 6pm

#20 North Lincoln(17-10) at #5 Smith(24-5) 3:30pm

#10 Alexander Central girls(23-4) at #2 Northern Guilford(27-0) 6pm

#19 Enka girls(13-14) at #6 Smith(27-2) 2pm

Round Two action:
Grimsley boys 72, Charlotte Harding 61…Chambers 89, Porter Ridge 75…
Northern Guilford boys 73, Hopewell 63…Myers Park 73, East Forsyth 48…
Smith boys 74, Concord 65…North Lincoln 66, Freedom 52
Northern Guilford girls 67, Providence 40….Alexander Central 41, East Forsyth 40
Smith girls 78, Hibriten 58…Enka 48, Freedom 39

NCISAA State Tournament Finals/Championship Games
#2 Greensboro Day School(32-3) vs. #1 Carmel Christian(25-3) 7:30pm at Wingate University

#4 High Point Christian Academy(22-7) vs. #3 Concord Academy(16-16) 3:30pm at Wingate University

#2 High Point Christian Academy(20-9) vs. #1 Asheville Christian(16-9) 1:30pm at Wingate University

Semifinal action:
Greensboro Day School boys 65, Cannon School 45…Carmel Christian 54, Charlotte Latin 44
High Point Christian Academy boys 61, Cary Christian School 49…Concord Academy 67, Cape Fear Academy 53
High Point Christian Academy girls 61, Forsyth Country Day 52…Asheville Christian 61, Concord Academy 43

20 thoughts on “NCHSAA Basketball Playoffs Round Three/Sectional Finals/NCISAA Finals TODAY and Game On, on GreensboroSports Radio

  1. Thinking all of our home teams will win on Saturday, so we see our five GCS going (4-1), with a tough road trip coming up for the NG boys at Myers Park….Looking at Smith boys and girls, Grimsley boys, and Northern Guilford girls all winning at home….It has been good for our teams to be at home, so far, this basketball postseason….

    Top Chambers player appears to be 6’2 junior guard Jaylen Curry, averaging 16.9 ppg and 9.2 assists per game….Must stop Curry and then you will stop the ball….Little more on Chambers Cougars from game prep, they have Curry at 6’2, Hankins-Sanford their big man at 6’8, Hansen at 6’7, Piper at 6’4, and Dorn at 6’6….Big man Hankins-Sanford is averaging 16.7 ppg and 7.9 rebounds per game…Hansen at 12.4 ppg, and 6.9 rebounds per game….

    Top Myers Park Mustang looks to be 6’8 junior Elijah Strong…Strong averaging 17.3 ppg and 9.3 rebounds per game for the Mustangs…Also for Myers Park you have sophomore Sir Mohammed, averaging 16 ppg and 6.3 rebounds per game for MP…Mohammed is listed at 6’5…

    Smith boys facing North Lincoln Knights, and the Knights have five guys going for double-digits each game…Jack Waggoner at 14.3 ppg, Conner Carson at 11.5 ppg, Jake Dedmon at 10.5 ppg, Reed King at 10.4 ppg, and freshman Kellen Karr at 10.1 ppg…

    Top scorer for the Alexander Central girls is senior Chesney Stikeleather scoring at a 13.8 ppg clip, and at 5’7, she is also pulling down 6.3 rebounds per game…The AC Cougars have Juliana Walter scoring at 13.3 ppg and she is dishing out 5 assists per contest…Walter at 5’4, and sounds like the Cougars’ point guard…Stikeleather #2 on the team in rebounding, at 5’7…

    Enka Jets top scorer is Bentlee Chockley at 20.3 ppg and she is grabbing 8 rebounds per game…Chockley at 5’11…Number two girl for the Enka Jets is Hadleigh Dill…Dill, a 6’0 junior, at 16.8 ppg, and 9.5 rebounds per game….

  2. Just curious Andy it’s been Barbershop talk about Guilford County Players and Coaches of the year and All-Conference selections. Any names you think around the area that might be worthy from the Area I know you are familiar with all the names around the conference’s. Would like to hear from all the Greensboro Sports Fans also !!! Good luck to all Guilford County Schools teams today.

  3. Great Conversation “provoked thoughts”. I have watched a lot of basketball from the Metro 4A over the past 4 years. This year was extremely competitive, as honestly, 5 Teams(Page, Northern, NW Guilford, Ragsdale and Grimsley) all could have won the reg season or Conf championship. So many close games between these 5, with some incredible young men and great coaching. My selections for “Only Metro 4A”, I didnt see many 3A games at all, although Spencer Hairston is super impressive kid to watch. Below would be my teams, completely based on what I have witnessed, stats from Max Preps and overall leadership.
    First Team Metro 4A
    1. Nolan Hodge(NG). 2. Josh Scovens(Page). 3. Connor Ballou(NWG) 4. Jordan Wall(Grimsley). 5. Jaylen Cross(NWG)
    2nd Team Metro 4A
    1. Jackson Helms(NG). 2. Tyler Albright(Grimsley), 3. Jah Saigo(Ragsdale), 4. Kobe Parker(Ragsdale), 5. Jayden Watlington(Grimsley)
    3rd Team Metro 4A
    1. Jerron Blackwell(Page), Aaron Fant(Ragsdale), Jackson Hartzell(NWG), Amarya Huggins(SWG), Manny Elliott(NG)
    Honorable Mention-LJ Murphy(WG), 2. Drew Watkins(NWG), Corbin Wilson(SWG), Henry Giant(SWG), Zach Wiggins(Grimsley), Alex Taylor(Grimsley), Lamont Sewell(WG), Wyatt Harbaugh(NWG).

  4. I will be back in here later with more, but Jeff has done a good job getting things started…I would have to have two Grimsley players on that First Team though, and will have them for you a little later on…My first feelings are that Tyler Albright has to be on the First Team….

    The All Metro All Motor team would have to include Tyler Albright, Conner Ballou, and Jah Saigo….Those three have the highest motors running that I have seen this season, and Nolan Hodge is running on some pretty high octane too…There may be those that differ, but I feel like Nolan Hodge might just be your Player of the Year for the Metro boys…Would love to see some conversation on that one too…
    (Josh Scovens from Page would have to be on the First or Second team, but he may drop down to the second team due to how Page finished overall)…For sure, Jordan Wall from Grimsley on First or Second team…Again the Grimsley big three of Albright, Wall and Watlington has to be on there somewhere, and the big three from Northern has to somewhere on 1-2-3…And that would be Hodge, Helms and Elliott…..

    Markquan Gilbert and Nayshaun Hale from Smith would have to be All Conference from the Mid-State 3-A, and they also would have to have some sort of consideration for All-Area too….Richard Goods from Smith is not far behind them….Spencer Hairston and Cam Flippen from Dudley have to be on the Mid-State 3-A All-Conference team, and Hairston has to be going All-Area…

    Jasmine Harris, Lizzie Gram, Christina Delisa and Jadyn Newsome from the Northern Guilford girls, Candice Williams from Page, Maslyn Mosbacher and Madison Young from Northwest Guilford, Victoria Boddie, Christian Atwater, and Mya Patrick from Ragsdale, Aja Hairston, Courtney Taylor, and Jocelyn Foust from Southwest Guilford all have to get consideration for the Metro 4-A All Conference girls team…From the Southeast Guilford girls, Sydney Roberts is a lock, for the first half of the season, she was the Player of the Year…I did not see Western Guilford play this season, and Grimsley would only have an honorable mention for the girls, and you would have to choose between Nadi VonReichbauer, Jordan Britt, and Avery Knapp…
    Right now I would have to lean toward Jasmine Harris as Player of the Year, even though she is just a sophomore, she should ought to be the one to get it…

    More on the way, plus from the Smith girls you should see Scott, Drayton-Gill, Zoe Davis and Morgan Smith all on the Mid-State 3-A girls All-Conference team…

    Again, just some early thoughts out of the gate, and we sure like to see more reader’s comments too…..
    (I am looking for some names that we may have left out.)

  5. I agree with some of your selections Jeff but we cannot use max prep stats alone only true basketball comes with more than just Points we need Rebounds,Lock down Defense assists importance to team. Your first team are the leading scorers on there team.Out of a lot of those guy’s other than points they bring very little to all around games. That’s why when it comes to the area not many have offers to play on the next level. Only a few I can think of going D-1 Hodge and Scovens for there all around game.

  6. Wow 2 players of a 5th place team on your first team smh. Better ask Vo. flicks you guy’s only think that because you put up more shots and points you the man cool. Let’s get some real hoop heads comments. Jain Saigo to me Conference Player of the Year no one could stop this young man on either end. Total team player Outstanding young man and Student. Let’s be realistic on here go with head and not heart. Go Both Smith’s teams and Northern teams and Grimsley.

  7. Metro 4A to me, was one of the best conferences in the state. I dont know if you”okay” saw my son Connor play, or Jaylen Cross, but yes, both players were in the top 4 in scoring in Metro 4A and Connor was #1 in assists. Those stats alone speak loudly in this conference…Jah is my guy, love the way he plays. But to me, the most dominating player in Metro 4A is Nolan Hodge..These are just my honest opinions, I watched every game this year..

  8. Yeah we know your son and Jaylen are good players but the fact that good as they are was still a fifth place team so what does say or mean Jeff a lot of these players might not be they leading scorers on there team but the still produce even more than some of the ones you named and they records are 1-4 better facts.You were not the only one who seen the Metro 4a conference Once again when mentioning anything other than your opinion about Northwest you get in your feelings like on the Sidelines at Page and Grimsley games. I’m just picking about that little humor. Not always about your son I read these post DGW.

  9. @ Okay…This forum is for agreement and disagreement. No hard feelings. Your opinion on how the players are evaluated may not be the same as mine or someone else’s. Little humor needs to stop about whatever you see as DGW, if I knew who you “actually are”, not hiding behind “okay” maybe we can have an adult conversation about things. My feelings are never hurt about NW, I am just blessed to be apart of a great place..

  10. Do we have any 3a Conference nominated players I only went to a few games. I know Southern got a couple of big athletic guy’s that can really play. Of course Dudley and Smith. Not sure about rest of schools.The names mentioned in earlier comments are really good for the 4a metro conference could go a lot of ways. I personally think top names for player of the year Scovens,Hodge, and Jah . Coach of the Year Ragsdale and Grimsley coaches.

  11. Final from the 1-A Girls West:Bishop McGuinness 66, North Rowan 47

    from Southern Guilford boys got to look at Jamias Ferere, Jacquarie and don’t know his last name, and at Zymir German…In that order from SG….

  12. NCISAA 3-A Girls Championship Game
    Asheville Christian 48, High Point Christian girls 44 – Final in OT

  13. Amari Tate has been steady all year for Northeast. Spencer Hairston and Cam Flippen Dudley. Richard Goods, Markquan Gilbert and Nayshaun Hale Smith. Jamias Ferre and Jaqaure Love Southern Guiilford. More out there just the one pop right out. Let’s go Eagles.

  14. Gentleman does have a point about nwg
    How can they finish fifth and get the same or more picks than Ragsdale grimsley and northern? Tough to justify that.

  15. This is what it is
    4a Metro
    1st Team
    Jah Saigo
    Nolan Hodge
    Josh Scovens
    Jayden Watlington
    Jaylen Cross
    2nd team
    Tyler Albright
    Jordan Wall
    Aaron Fant
    Connor Ballou
    Alex Taylor
    3rd Team
    Jerron Blackwell
    Manny Elliot
    Jackson Helms
    Kobe Parker
    Zac Wiggins

  16. Congrats to all the players who tried out and competed in Guilford County this season. Special shout out to the all conference players when the official list is released. Doesn’t come without a lot of hard work and sacrifices by players, parents and supported.

    Can’t help but notice from Coach list above that at least 6 of them played for the Warriors travel basketball program and at 5 of them for 4 years or more. It is a process. No short cuts.

    Workouts and tryouts tomorrow 2-4. 3rd grade through unsigned seniors. Find us on Instagram at GreensboroWarriorsAAU

  17. Went down a bit on my Saturday picks…Went from (9-0) back on Thursday, to (2-3) today…It does get tougher to pick them, the deeper you get in the playoffs….

    What is going to be crazy, is next year in the Metro….Grimsley, Northern, Northwest Guilford, and Ragsdale are all losing key seniors…The rosters in the Metro will look a whole different next year….

    Grimsley losing seniors Albright, Wall, and Watlington…Northern losing Hodge, Helms, and Elliott…Ragsdale losing Saigo, Siler, Aaron Fant, Darin Fant, Jaylen Williams…Northwest Guilford losing Conner Ballou, Jackson Hartzell, Drew Watkins, Aiden Eller….Page losing Josh Scovens, Tyler McIntyre, Grady Sherrill, Devontay Deloatch, Blake McGowan…

    If Southeast Guilford could keep their Guilford County Middle School boys Championship Team together, SEG would be the top team in the Metro in two-to-three years…

    Are you going with Nolan Hodge for Player of the Year, and are the Freshmen, Zacck Wiggins from Grimsley, Jerron Blackwell from Page, and others the future of the conference???

    Both Markquan Gilbert and Nayshaun Hale from Smith High School are juniors, and Smith has the freshman CJ Neely, and Dudley has the freshman, Nasir Newkirk…

    It is a senior blowout/leave out, coming out of the Metro 4-A…..

  18. Agree with coach and wise
    Aau ball what matters
    And warriors tuff
    Warriors been pumping out ballers steadily on the boys hoops side. Coach Moore and coach Williams know their ball.
    Get with them cats asap.

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