Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred has cancelled two season series and more could be on the way:MLB season in “Double Jeopardy”

MLB to cancel first two series of 2022 season, commissioner announces
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The 2022 Major League Baseball season will officially be shortened due to the current labor dispute, as commissioner Rob Manfred announced Tuesday that the first two series of the year will be cancelled.

“The calendar dictates that we are not going to be able to play the first two series of the regular season and those games are officially cancelled,” Manfred said at a press conference Tuesday.

In a statement, the MLB Players Association said it was “disgusted, but sadly not surprised” by Manfred’s decision.

The announcement came after the MLB moved its deadline for a new collective bargaining agreement to 5 p.m. on Tuesday after supposedly productive negotiations. Players disputed that a deal was ever close and negotiations broke down ahead of the deadline.

The 2022 MLB season will be the first to be shortened due to a labor dispute since 1995.