Word/News on the Death of former Northwest Guilford HS football player Mitch Bryant

from former Northwest Guilford head football coach, and current Oak Grove High School assistant football coach Jared Rolfes….Coming in by way of Facebook…..

Heartbreaking news to wake up to today.

Mitch Bryant played for us at Northwest Guilford as a senior in the fall of 2015. He was also apart of the football team when he came in during the middle of the previous season after moving in from out of the area.

When I think of Mitch I think of the words: STRENGTH, COURAGEOUS, JOY, POSITIVITY, and OVERCOMER.

He had a contagious smile and personality- always overflowing with energy and just a joy to be around. Mitch overcame some many obstacles to accomplish goals he had in front of him. There was nothing Mitch feared he was so competitive and always rose to any challenge.

CLICK HERE to see one of the attached items in a video clip of Mitch taking a screen to the house for a big time TD in a first round playoff game when we were down 14-0. He played a huge role in our later upset victory of Garner HS on the road that night.

Mitch was the hype man, energy guy who always dressed loud with all the flashy gear and played loud to back it up! Loved this dude so much! I know I speak for all of the coaches and players from our time at Northwest and say Mitch made an impact on all of us…..

Mitch impacted my life greatly and I am Saddened by his passing here on Earth.

He exemplified Joshua 1:9 being strong and courageous in all that he did. As I reflect on this verse and continue to make this verse a big part of my life I will also be reminded of Mitch when I read it.

5 we will miss you my man …. praying for your family and all of those you touched during your time here on Earth.