Former Greensboro Parks and Recreation leader/director now Flying High in the photography business

Former Brown Recreation Center director Gregg Everett has moved in a different direction, and is now flying higher…Gregg also worked at the Glenwood Recreation Center back in the day, working on basketball and football with Vic Sapp and Big Mike Crabtree…

Gregg knew and worked with them all, Wayne Butler, Don Tilley, Phil Hardin, Glen Spivey, and now Gregg Everett has taken a play from the Wright Brothers playbook, and he has started up Feelin’ Fly Photography

Gregg Everett
Feelin’ Fly Photography LLC
Greensboro, NC
Aerial And Ground Photography
Real Estate Photography
Virtual Tour Videos

**********They are based in Greensboro, NC.
They work regionally.
They serve primarily businesses.*********

Our pilots are licensed FAA Part 107 unmanned aircraft (drone) pilots and have NCDOT commercial operator permits. All drones are registered with the FAA and have full liability insurance coverage.

++++++++++Feelin’ Fly Photography LLC
P.O. Box 7127, Greensboro, NC 27417 | Phone: (336) 601-6550 | Email:

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