North Carolina Baseball Academy Baseball Tonight:Game of the Year at Northern Guilford as ‘Hawks slip past SWG, 3-2

As of today/Saturday, let’s look at our Top Five Guilford County teams….1)Northern Guilford(6-2)…2)Southwest Guilford(8-2)…3)Northwest Guilford(9-2)…4)Eastern Guilford(10-1)…5)Dudley(6-0)…There is a big drop-off after the first five teams…
This was by the best high school baseball game played so far this season in Guilford County, and it was played by arguably the two best teams in Guilford County this season…These are the two best teams in the County, and tonight, the home team took away the honors as #1 team in Guilford County…For this night, the Northern Guilford Nighthawks are the best there is the county this season, as they just beat the top team in the county coming into tonight’s game…

This was the Game of the Year, and for tonight, the true Bad Baseball Weather was back in our face…..It was freezing cold out there at Northern Guilford, on Spencer Dixon Road, but Northern Guilford and Southwest Guilford locked horns in a battle for the ages, at least for the ages of 14-18 years of age…

This was the Metro 4-A Battle, this was the Metro 4-A War, and it was played in the out-of-doors, and it was COLD out there this evening my friends…

Oh, we are talking so much as we set this all up, and you might just be saying, brother, please tell us what was the final score in this classic high school baseball game, where the relief pitcher Conner Roy got the win for NG, and pinch runner Eli Wang scored the game-winning run for the Nighthawks…

And yes that final score for the faint of heart who can no longer stand the suspense…
FINAL SCORE:Northern Guilford 3, Southwest Guilford 2:
Much more on this game and other scores coming your way….We have just begun to whet your appetite…
NG-SWG game…NG(6-2)/SWG(8-2)
WP:Conner Roy/LP:Tanner Royals
Game Tally:

     1   2   3   4   5   6   7
SWG  0   0   1   0   1   0   0
NG   2   0   0   0   0   1   X 

NG hitting:Wanger 2-4/Run…Jay Allred 0-3…Evan Wyrick 0-2/BB/Run…Bryce Molitorius 0-3…Nicoli Tee 1-3/Bunt/RBI…Isaiah Zano 0-3/reached base in the 6th on an error, injured on arriving at first base, Zano had to leave the game, and Eli Wang came on to run for Zano, and Eli Wang ended up scoring the game-winning run in this contest….Henry Badger 1-3…Jackson Roberts 1-3…Lucas Selvy 0-1/SAC Bunt…Conner Roy 1-1/RBI…
SWG hitting: Joe Speck 1-2/Run…JJ Parson 1-2/Double/RBI…Wyatt Stanley 1-3…Tanner Moore 1-3…Hunter Whitten 0-2/SAC Bunt…Camden Saylor 0-3…Tyler Shaffer 0-3…Tanner Royals 2-3/Run…Ty Rober 0-2/SAC Bunt…

Pitching Report:
NG:Starter Lucas Selvy 5 Innings/2 Runs/4 hits/1 BB/6 K’s…
WP:Conner Roy 2 Innings/0 Runs/2 hits/0 BB’s/3 K’s..
SWG:LP Starter Tanner Royals 5 2/3’s Innings/3 Runs/5 hits/1 BB/4 K’s
Conner Hurrie 1/3 Inning/0 runs/0 hits/0 BB’s/0 K’s
**********And there is your lowdown on the Guilford County High School Game of the Year, up to this date of March 25, 2022…**********

More scores:(If your score has not been posted, then your score and game are missing, and you are AWOL…We need those scores to complete the most comprehensive high school baseball scoreboard/sports desk in the Triad…Get your score in ASAP.)
Baseball Finals
Northwest Guilford 21, Page 0
Northwest Guilford(9-2)/Page(0-8)

Dudley 10, Smith 0

Ragsdale 5, Southeast Guilford 2

WS Atkins 6, Southern Guilford 2
WS Atkins(9-1)/Southern Guilford(2-8)

Grimsley 14, Western Guilford 3

Grimsley(2-7)/Western Guilford(0-9)

High Point Central 6, Northeast Guilford 2
High Point Central(4-5)/Northeast Guilford(4-6)

Eastern Guilford 15, Rockingham County 3
Eastern Guilford(10-1)/Rockingham County(5-5)

High Point Christian Academy 14, Caldwell Academy 0
High Point Christian(7-5) at Caldwell Academy(4-6)

Wesleyan Christian 14, Christ School(Asheville) 2
Wesleyan Christian(7-1)/Christ School(3-5)

Cornerstone Charter Academy 18 NC Leadership Academy 5
Cornerstone Charter Academy( 5-1)

Bishop McGuinness 27, WS Carver 0
Bishop McGuinness(5-1)/WS Carver(0-2)

Randleman 9, Southwestern Randolph 1
Randleman(11-0)/Southwestern Randolph(2-9)

WS Reagan 15, Davie County 13

West Forsyth 9, Glenn 0
West Forsyth(10-0)/Glenn(3-7)

Morehead 7, Walkertown 1

McMichael 17, Reidsville 1

Eastern Alamance 2, Western Alamance 1

Orange 7, Williams 5
Orange(6-4)/Burlington Williams(3-6)

Ledford 11, Central Davidson 7
Ledford(8-0)/Central Davidson(4-5)

Fourth Inning Plays Key Role in East Forsyth Eagles Varsity Blow Out Over Mount Tabor
East Forsyth Eagles 11
Mount Tabor (Winston-Salem, NC) 1
….5 Innings
East Forsyth(7-4)/Mount Tabor(3-6)

        1	2	3	4	5	6	7	R	H	E
ESTF	2	1	0	7	1	X	X	11	8	1
MNTB	1	0	0	0	0	X	X	1	1	2

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More scores on the way…Many still need to be reported….
Softball Scores:
Northern Guilford 24, Western Guilford 0…3 Innings

Page High School 19, Grimsley High School 0

Junior Varsity Baseball
Grimsley High School 19, Western Guilford High School 0

Boys Varsity Lacrosse
Page High School 22, Grimsley High School 8