Train stops right in front of Charlotte Hornets bus, and the Hornets have to get out and walk to their game vs. Atlanta Hawks

Hornets players had odd mishap before play-in game against Hawks
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The Charlotte Hornets had a curveball thrown at them before their most important game of the season.

Prior to Wednesday’s play-in tournament game against the Atlanta Hawks, the Hornets fell victim to a mishap with their team bus. On their way to the game at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, a train randomly stopped in front of the Charlotte bus. That delayed the Hornets’ arrival, as they were forced to get off the bus and walk to the arena.

Hornets big man Montrezl Harrell shared a video of the scene. Harrell and teammate Miles Bridges called the NBA out for doing them dirty.

Charlotte coach James Borrego, who had coached as an assistant in the NBA for nearly two decades before becoming the head coach of the Hornets, said that he had never once seen that train stop.

Fortunately for the Hornets though, the weather in Atlanta on Wednesday was mostly clear and pleasant with a high of 78 degrees. But that is certainly not the way that you want to be welcomed ahead of a win-or-go-home game.

The Hawks had an eight-point lead at halftime during the game. If they end up beating Charlotte, expect some Bill Belichick-esque conspiracy theories to abound about how exactly that train stopped when and where it did.