North Carolina Baseball Academy High School Baseball Today and Tonight(5/4/2022):Finals/Scoreboard(SWG-Ragsdale in Metro Final/EG-Dudley in Mid-State 3-A Final)

North Carolina Baseball Academy High School Baseball Today and Tonight
(Season winding down, tournaments are wrapping up.)

Southwest Guilford 9, Northern Guilford 2
Northern Guilford(13-9)/Southwest Guilford(18-8)…Metro 4-A Conference Tournament Semifinals

Ragsdale 5, Northwest Guilford 3
Ragsdale(14-9)/Northwest Guilford(20-5)…Metro 4-A Conference Tournament Semifinals
Metro 4-A Final/Championship Game:Ragsdale(14-9) vs. Southwest Guilford(18-8)

Dudley 21, Rockingham County 11
Dudley(11-11)/Rockingham County(17-8)…Mid-State 3-A Tournament Semifinals

Mid-State 3-A Semifinals:Eastern Guilford 12, Northeast Guilford 0
Mid-State 3A Final/Championship Game:Eastern Guilford vs. Dudley(11-11)

Let’s get these in here today too…
Northern Guilford 11, Southwest Guilford 1
Southwest Guilford(14-9)/Northern Guilford(17-5)….Metro 4-A Tournament

Page(13-7) at Northwest Guilford(16-4) 6pm…Metro 4-A Tournament

Eastern Guilford 3, Southern Guilford 2
Southern Guilford(12-8)/Eastern Guilford(16-5)…Mid-State 3-A Tournament

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