2022 PTAC Track and Field Championship Meet

The student/athletes from the following schools participated in the 2022 PTAC Track & Field Championship
on 12MAY at Forsyth Country Day School .

TEAM RESULTS :: WOMEN’S VARSITY 1. Forsyth Country Day 196 pts.,,, 2. Greensboro Day 158 pts,,,
3. Calvary Day School 66 pts,,, 4. Caldwell Academy 62 pts,,
5. High Point Christian 26pts,,, 6. Westchester Country Day 20 pts.

MEN’S VARSITY 1. Forsyth Country Day 168.5 pts,, 2. High Point Christian 95 pts,,
3. Calvary Day School 88,5pts,,, 4, Westchester Country Day 76 pts,,
5. Caldwell Academy 66 pts,,, 6. Greensboro Day 55 pts.

TOP 10 Finishers in TRACK & FIELD & TOP 3 finishers in RELAYS for Caldwell Academy

MEN’S 100 METERS Zackery Goodman 6th,, Gabe Lindsay 9th,,, Luke Collins 10th
200 METERS Zackery Goodman 5th,,
400 METERS Dominic McKinley 4th,, Luke Collins 7th
800 METERS Dominic McKinley 8th
1600 METERS Kieran Rayfield 9th
110M HURDLES Tim Stephens 1st ( Conference Champ ),, Jacob Teague 5th,, Speirs West 7th
300M HURDLES Tim Stephens 1st ( Conference Champ ) ,, Speirs West 9th
4X800 RELAY 2nd place– Will Wright,, Kieran Rayfield, ,Benjamin Hinson,, Dominic McKinley
SHOT PUT Mason Wierda 2nd,, Ian Toth 7th
DISCUS Ian Toth 4th,, Mason Wierda 6th
HIGH JUMP Zackery Goodman 3rd,,
LONG JUMP Luke Collins 5th,, Leroy Nie 7th,, Nate Stephens 8th

WOMEN’S 100 METERS Leah Roland 9th,, Eloise Avbuere 10th
200 METERS Eliza Min Greer 10th
400 METERS Leah Roland 6th
800 METERS Olivia Furst 4th,,
1600 METERS Olivia Furst 5th
3200 METERS Lillian McMeekin
100 M HURDLES Elliza Min Greer 2nd,,, Lilly Hedman 6th
300 M HURDLES Amelia Hulsman 3rd
4X100 RELAY 2nd place – Eliza Min Greer,, Eloise Avbuere,, Marie Strung,, Amelia Hulsman
4X800 RELAY 2nd place – Patti Bush,, Lillian McMeekin,, Calli Oliver,, Olivia Furst\
S HOT PUT Madison Bozarth 3rd,, Lilly Hedman 9th,,
DISCUS Madison Bozarth 6th,, Lilly Hedman 19th
LONG JUMP Marie Streng 3rd,,, Emma Burns 8th
TRIPLE JUMP Marie Streng 4th


Courtesy of Bob Black, Big supporter and booster of Caldwell Academy Eagles Athletics