North Carolina Baseball Academy Baseball Tonight:Baseball and Softball Playoffs(5/17/2022):Finals on the NC Baseball Academy Scoreboard

West Forsyth 10, Ragsdale 0
Ragsdale(16-11)/West Forsyth(25-5)

High Point Christian 5, Hickory Grove 3
High Point Christian(24-8)/Hickory Grove(14-11-1)

Myers Park 10, WS Reagan 5…In Progress
WS Reagan(21-6) at Myers Park(21-4) 6:30m

St. Stephens 8, Ledford 0…In Progress
St. Stephens(22-6) at Ledford(20-3) 7pm

Randleman 17, Mount Pleasant 0
Mount Pleasant(12-11)/Randleman(28-1)

Trinity 7, West Stokes 6
Trinity(20-9)/West Stokes(19-6)

Marvin Ridge 6, Northwest Guilford 1
Northwest Guilford(23-6)/Marvin Ridge(19-2)

Providence Grove 8, Mount Pleasant 0
Mount Pleasant(16-9)/Providence Grove(24-0)

East Forsyth 4, Mooresville 2
East Forsyth(23-1)/Mooresville(21-5)

North Buncombe 3, Rockingham County 1
Rockingham County(24-3)/North Buncombe(22-1)

Person 2, Western Alamance 0
Western Alamance(14-9)/Person(19-4)

West Stokes 4, McMichael 3
McMichael(21-7)/West Stokes(19-4-1)

West Stanly 11, Morehead 0
Morehead(16-9)/West Stanly(24-4)

Eastern Alamance 12, South Central 0