Theo Pinson(WES/UNC) takes shot at NBA and Miami Heat for wearing White Shirts and is this causing Confusion and Distractions???

Mavericks’ Theo Pinson takes shot at NBA over T-shirt controversy
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(CLICK HERE for a photo of Theo Pinson, who played back in the Wesleyan Christian Academy Trojans, and then later on, for the North Carolina Tar Heels.)

Theo Pinson took a shot at the NBA on Monday night over a controversy regarding his T-shirt.

Pinson is in his fourth NBA season but only played in 19 games for Dallas this season due to a finger injury. He has been inactive and sitting on the bench for the Mavericks during the playoffs. His clothing has become an issue.

Prior to Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals on Sunday night, an official asked Pinson to change his shirt. Pinson was wearing a white shirt and sitting near his teammates on the bench. There was a belief that his white shirt could have led to confusion for the Golden State Warriors, who were wearing white.

Pinson laughed at the request and then did not comply.

On Monday, Pinson noted that the Miami Heat players were wearing white T-shirts while on the bench during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The white shirts for the Heat’s players matched the white jerseys the Celtics were wearing at home.

Pinson made a sarcastic crack on Twitter in response.

“Wonder if the heat wearing white warm ups is a distraction,” Pinson asked rhetorically.

He makes a good point.

Maybe someone with Golden State complained in his case, which led to the shirt change request for Pinson. It also doesn’t help him that Dallas’ bench has been under extra scrutiny all series.