Jimbo Fisher says Nick Saban feud is over:“We’re done talking about it”

Jimbo Fisher says feud with Nick Saban is ‘over with’

from Larry Brown Sports, with Grey Papke, and from www.yardbarker.com/YardBarker.com

Jimbo Fisher seized on a comment made by Alabama’s Nick Saban and sparked what seemed to be a major feud between the two prominent college football coaches. Now, however, Fisher is eager to move on from what happened.

Fisher spoke at the SEC’s spring meetings Wednesday and indicated he and Saban had spoken privately during the week and that he was moving on from the spat he had with his former boss.

“It’s over with,” Fisher said, via Alex Scarborough of ESPN. “We’re done talking about it. We’re moving on to try to fix the problems of what we have in college football. There are a lot more pressing needs than our arguments.”

Fisher even downplayed the intensity of the feud, suggesting it wasn’t any worse than what is sometimes said during games or in staff meetings.

That’s all pretty hard to believe considering how angry Fisher was over Saban essentially alleging that Texas A&M bought its recruits. Saban, for his part, backed down slightly from his initial remarks, which may have played a role in pacifying the situation.

The feud was a big enough deal that rival coaches were getting asked about it. Fisher probably isn’t helped by this, and may just be eager to push the distraction aside.