Omega Sports Report:Greensboro Grasshoppers fall to Asheville Tourists and learn, “once you dive in, you have to keep swimming or you will drown”

from Omega Sports, “Your Neighborhood Sports Store”, on Battleground Avenue, in Greensboro….

from Tuesday night, at First National Bank Field, in downtown Greensboro:
Asheville Tourists 12, Greensboro Grasshoppers 6…..10 Innings
WP:Danny Cody(2-2)
LP:Wandi Montout(3-4)

Tourists' line:12-11-3
Hoppers' line:  6-11-1

We think the Greensboro Grasshoppers are learning that this season, and for instance, the more recent games, are a lot like a situation where you jump into the deep end at the swimming pool or lake, and “once you dive in, you have to keep swimming, or you will drown”….The Hoppers, their fans, and followers of the team are going to have to start to realize that this is not an easy task that they have before them, they have dived into the deep end, and they are going to have to keep swimming, and treading water….Got to keep the arms and legs moving, got to stay afloat, and maintain a body of work that shows you are still fighting back, and not laying down, and letting the other team run over you…

I think the Hoppers did that again on Tuesday night….They got down 3-0, then made it a 3-1 game, and then you look up and the water is getting deeper, as the Greensboro Grasshoppers fall behind 5-1…But, the Hoppers keep treading the water, and they post a run in the bottom of the eighth, after Francisco Acuna walks, and ends up coming around to score, to make it a 5-2 Asheville advantage…

The Greensboro Grasshoppers are still treading water as they get to the bottom of the ninth inning, and they get runs from Dariel Lopez, Hudson Head, and Acuna to even the score, at 5-5…Extra innings, and the Hoppers get waxed in the top of the tenth, as the Asheville Tourists come up with 7 runs, and the Grasshoppers can only muster up one run in the bottom of the tenth inning, and they go on to lose this Tuesday night game, 12-6…

The Hoppers will have to keep swimming hard and fast, and they will have to keep treading the deep waters, if they hope to turn this season all-the-way-around….

Top Hopper hitters from Tuesday night:Francisco Acuna 2-3/BB/2 Runs…Yoyner Fajardo 2-4/BB/RBI/Endy Rodriguez 2-4/Double/2 RBI…Fabricio Macias 2-4/BB/Run…Dariel Lopez 2-5/HR/2 Runs/RBI…Jacob Gonzalez 1-5/RBI…Jackson Glenn 0-3/RBI…Hudson Head 0-3/BB/Run/SB…Jacob Gonzalez has now hit safely in right at 32 of the 36 games that he has played in, for the Hoppers this season…

Jared Jones got the start for the Greensboro Grasshoppers and went four innings, giving up 3 runs on 6 hits, with 4 BB’s, and 8 big strikeouts…

Time of Game-3:29

Same two teams/clubs will meet for the second time this week on Wednesday/today, at 12 Noon, at First National Bank Field…Going to be a warm Wednesday, and let’s hope the Hoppers can keep treading the waters, and swim to safety, with a big win on Wednesday….

If you can’t make out to the game, CLICK HERE to Listen Live, from…

Omega Sports, “Your Neighborhood Sports Store”, on Battleground Avenue, in Greensboro

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