Leigh(Jones) replaces Leigh(Hebbard) as the AD/Athletic Director for the Guilford County Schools/GCS

from Joe Sirera, at www.greensboro.com:

GREENSBORO — Leigh Jones, a school support officer for Guilford County Schools, has been chosen to succeed Leigh Hebbard as athletics director for the county’s public schools. Jones will take over on Monday when Hebbard officially retires after 14 years in the position.

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Never heard of this lady before, and I do not think she has any previous coaching experience in Guilford County, but Leigh, replacing Leigh, should be OK for now, and if you ask me, we shall just wait and see…The biggest challenge might be keeping kids in their own school districts, and making sure each student is playing for the team/school, that they are supposed to be playing for…And if they(families) move or change school districts within the Guilford County boundaries, we have no control over that, and there is no policy in place to divert such activities….

Time for the changing of the guard, at the Guilford County offices….