Packer and Durham Show leaving the ACC Network:The last show aired this morning/Friday morning

Packer and Durham Show leaving the ACC Network
(Wonder if Mark Packer will now reconnect with the QCB???)

On Wednesday, Mark Packer and Wes Durham had an important announcement to make. Their signature morning show, Packer and Durham, will conduct their final show this Friday/today.

“We’re here to announce this upcoming Friday, July 1, will be the final Packer and Durham show,” Packer said. “If you had 1,028 shows from radio and TV, you have won the bingo Packer and Durham. You have free mugs coming your way if you had that number. But it has been a great deal of fun spending mornings with you, the whole ESPN crowd, the crew that put this together.”

Durham expressed a lot of gratitude for his time with Packer.

“I am grateful to have been part of Packer and Durham for more than 650 shows on ACC Network. Pack has been great to partner with and his creative instincts in talk format on radio and TV made our 1,000+ shows together terrific,” Durham said, via ESPN Press Room. “The support and encouragement we have received from the fans, coaches, student-athletes and administrators in the ACC has been just incredible and I look forward to continuing those relationships in the years ahead.”

Since 2019, Packer and Durham has been an important part of the ACC Network.

While this is unfortunate news for sports fans, it’s important to note that Packer and Durham will remain employees for the ACC Network

Durham plans on expanding his play-by-play schedule so he can call basketball and football games for the conference.

Packers, meanwhile, teased that fans will be excited about the upcoming content the ACC Network will create.