Brett Favre looking to become NFL Analyst?/Would he be paid Tom Brady-type money???(Probably not)

Brett Favre open to NFL analyst role
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Many former NFL quarterbacks have successfully transitioned into broadcasting after their playing careers ended, but Brett Favre has not yet gone that route. Now that it has been more than a decade since he last played, the Hall of Famer is considering it.

Favre told TMZ this week that he is open to working as an NFL analyst if the right offer comes along. The Green Bay Packers legend was asked if he regrets not getting into broadcasting when he sees the type of money guys like Tom Brady and Tony Romo have gotten.

“I guess my country accent cuts me out — the ‘aw, shucks’ mentality,” Favre joked. “I’m good. I’ve made great money. I’m very thankful. If someone offered me a job to do Monday night or Thursday night football and it would be a great deal, I would consider it. But it’s not on my bucket list of things to do.”

It is interesting that Favre mentioned “Monday Night Football” and joked about his country accent. A report several years ago claimed Favre interviewed with ESPN for a “Monday Night Football” job but was not impressive. Perhaps his decision to not venture into broadcasting has not been completely in his control.

Even if Favre did land a job as an NFL analyst, he would not get anywhere near the amount of money that Brady has been promised from FOX. Still, you would have to think there is a spot for Favre somewhere if he wants to give it a try.