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2022 NCCA East-West All-Stars Football Game is in the books, with the West winning, 33-14:Congrats to Coach Darryl Brown(Grimsley HS) and his West squad/team[Mission Accomplished:We found Khyair Lundy(Eastern Guilford HS)]

Final Score:West All Stars 33, East All-Stars 14
(West wins the All-Stars Week, 3-1-1…West Winners in Girls and Boys Basketball, East wins Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer ends in a Tie, and the West wins the football game.)

Tre’von Hester(Page HS) with 14 carries for 105 yards, and two touchdown runs/Hester with 1 reception for 11 yards…Jahmier Slade(Dudley HS) 8-17 passing with 0 INTS, and 85 yards through the air…Slade with 5 carries for 8 yards, and one TD rushing…-Tyson Resper(Grimsley HS) 5 receptions for 41 yards…

The West football team got the job done in a big way and we have comments from most all of the young men on the West team, from Guilford County…..

Interviews with the victorious West Football Team, at the 2022 NCCA East-West All-Stars Game…
(This is a great group of young men, and we love these guys, they really worked hard out there on the football field.)

West winning quarterback, Jahmier Slade(Dudley HS), CLICK ON BELOW…

West winning center, Jonathan Neal(Dudley HS), CLICK ON BELOW…

West winning defensive back, Antoine Shaw(Grimsley HS), CLICK ON BELOW…

West winning wide receiver, Andrew Siler(Ragsdale HS), CLICK ON BELOW…

West winning running back, Tre’von Hester(Page HS), CLICK ON BELOW…

West winning wide receiver, Tyson Resper(Grimsley HS), CLICK ON BELOW…

West winning defensive back, Jordan Farmer(Southeast Guilford HS), CLICK ON BELOW…

West winning defensive end, Jack Gooch(Northern Guilford HS), CLICK ON BELOW…

West winning coach, Darryl Brown(Grimsley HS), CLICK ON BELOW…

Handshake Line, at the end of the West winning over the East, 33-14…CLICK ON BELOW…

We were able to get all pretty much of the Guilford County young men, but we did not get/could not find Khyair Lundy, from Eastern Guilford HS, and will try and reach Coach Aguilar at EG, and catch up with Khyair, at a later date…

We found him, the West winning wide receiver, Khyair Lundy(Eastern Guilford HS), CHECK IT OUT BELOW
1)What will you remember most about the East-West football game?
Khyair Lundy:Being able to play with the best high school football players in North Carolina…The Best-of-the-Best from across the state…

2)How much fun were you having out there?
KL:This was an opportunity of a Lifetime…I have been to, and watched previous East-West games, with Hezekiah Newby and Kendyl Graves from Eastern Guilford High School, but playing in this game was so much more fun, than watching it…

3)What do you say to Coach Aguilar and the people from Eastern Guilford now that you are done there?
KL:Thank-you to all of them…I had the best career possible, and to the All-Stars it was amazing to be playing on the same field with them…

4)What do you say to the doubters, those that said you couldn’t do it, you don’t belong here and you could not have done this, as a high school football player from Eastern Guilford High School?
KL:Keep watching, it ain’t over yet…I am not finished, I am not done, Keep Watching…..

5)Tell us what’s next, what college on the schedule, where to and tell us about this school…Where are you headed?
KL:I am on the way to Queen City Collegiate Prep…It was originally called Jireh Prep…It is a post-graduate school, down in Charlotte, N.C…Headed there to get some extra work in, and I hope to only be there one year…

Scoring Summary (Final)
2022 NCCA East-West All-Star Game

East All-Stars vs West All-Stars (Jul 13, 2022 at Greensboro, N.C.)

Score by Quarters 	1 	2 	3 	4 	Score 
East All-Stars  	0 	7 	7 	0 	14 
West All-Stars  	14 	6 	6 	7 	33

1st 05:09 WEST Jahmier Slade 11 yd run (Riley Sullivan kick)
10 plays, 80 yards, TOP 3:51 0 – 7
00:53 WEST Jabrii Carolina 3 yd run (Riley Sullivan kick)
8 plays, 50 yards, TOP 2:38 0 – 14
2nd 03:04 WEST Tre’von Hester 29 yd run (Riley Sullivan kick blockd)
4 plays, 58 yards, TOP 2:01 0 – 20
01:43 EAST Jewalace Holmes 22 yd pass from Hayes Pippin (Jay Haggins kick)
4 plays, 66 yards, TOP 1:14 7 – 20
3rd 09:59 WEST Jabrii Carolina 4 yd run (Elijah Munoz rush failed)
5 plays, 22 yards, TOP 1:42 7 – 26
08:55 EAST Jewalace Holmes 29 yd pass from Sam Jones (Jay Haggins kick)
2 plays, 34 yards, TOP 0:51 14 – 26
4th 03:41 WEST Tre’von Hester 1 yd run (Riley Sullivan kick)
3 plays, 30 yards, TOP 1:10 14 – 33

RUSHING: East All-Stars-Jernell Vereen 7-51; Robert Nicholson 5-1; Hayes Pippin 5-minus 2; Julius
Riley III 1-minus 2; TEAM 1-minus 9; Sam Jones 4-minus 23. West All-Stars-Jabrii Carolina 15-111;
Tre’von Hester 14-105; Akin Robinson 11-49; Jahmier Slade 5-8; Cam Peoples 1-8; TEAM 2-minus 10.

PASSING: East All-Stars-Hayes Pippin 5-13-0-50; Sam Jones 5-12-0-53. West All-Stars-Jahmier Slade

RECEIVING: East All-Stars-Jewalace Holmes 3-56; Klavon Brown 3-25; R.J. McDonald 3-14; Julius Riley
III 1-8. West All-Stars-Tyson Resper 5-41; Layton Allen 2-33; Tre’von Hester 1-11.

INTERCEPTIONS: East All-Stars-None. West All-Stars-None.

FUMBLES: East All-Stars-Sam Jones 2-1; TEAM 1-0. West All-Stars-Jabrii Carolina 1-0.

East All-Stars vs. West All-Stars
Date: Jul 13, 2022 • Site: Greensboro, N.C. • Stadium: Jamieson Stadium
Attendance: 3320
Kickoff time: 8:30 PM • End of Game: 11:30 PM • Total elapsed time: 3:00
Officials: Referee: Steve Smith; Umpire: Craig Mills; Linesman: Danny Wood;
Line judge: Todd Templeton; Back judge: Lopez Pettis; Scorer: Dave Walters;
Temperature: 69 • Wind: SSW 4mph • Weather: cloudy

2022 North Carolina Coaches’ Association East-West All-Star
Game. The West’s Jabrii Carolina (Thomasville H.S.) was the
game’s Most Valuable Offensive Player. The West’s Brub Hines
(RS Central) was the Most Valuable Defensive Player.

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