Jeremy Jones overlooked as an entry to NC A&T Hall of Fame Class of 2022:What is up with the inductions into the N.C. A&T Hall of Fame???

from our “What’s Up With That File”, and the question has just come into us today, by way of Email and by cell phone, and are working on this one, and we have our best/inside baseball special correspondent all over this one, and he is working on it….Enad Haddad is on it, and he will have info on this one, coming in soon…
(We are working hard on this one, and have our best man on it!!!)

Some of the key questions coming in are:
1)What’s up with the Hall of Fame inductions over at N.C. A&T???
2)What is the criteria for getting into the N.C. A&T Hall of Fame???
3)Do you have to wait a certain number of years, before you can get in, and be inducted???
4)Is there a board or special committee, that serves as a Hall of Fame selections panel at N.C. A&T, and if so, how many members and who is on that board/panel???
5)Jeremy Jones was overlooked for induction into the N.C. A&T Hall of Fame…He did not get in, and why did he not get in???
6)There are others out there, for instance Charlie Gamble IV, that should be in the N.C. A&T Hall of Fame, and they are not in, and who are the others that have been left out, and are out there right now, knocking at the door, wanting and waiting to get in ?????

More questions and concerns are on the table, and we will be adding those in here soon…Enad Haddad is on the history of the Hall of Fame trail, and why there may be former baseball players that have been, and are being overlooked for current and future induction/consideration….

Jeremy Jones is considered by most observers to the Top Offensive Producer/Offensive Player in N.C. AT baseball history, and Al Holland is considered by most observers to be the Top Defensive Player in N.C. A&T baseball history….

Al Holland(pitcher) is in the N.C. A&T Hall of Fame, and Jeremy Jones is not…

Charlie Gamble IV and Jeremy Jones are looked upon as being the cornerstone of the N.C. A&T modern-day baseball resurgence…When Jeremy and Charlie came through N.C. A&T, the baseball program was down, and they brought it back up, and then the next line/group of players, led by C.J. Beatty, were able to keep the N.C. A&T baseball program on the college baseball map/landscape…

Jeremy Jones should be in the N.C. A&T Hall of Fame, there is no doubt, and he should be in there now, as right now/today….

C.J. Beatty is in, and Jeremy Jones should be in there too, right there beside C.J. Beatty…And for argument’s sake, Charlie Gamble IV should also be in there, right alongside C.J. Beatty, and Jeremy Jones….

That is the bottom line, Jeremy Jones, Charlie Gamble IV, and C.J. Beatty should all be in the N.C A&T Hall of Fame….

And back to our previous set of questions, here is #7….
7)C.J. Beatty is in the N.C. A&T Hall of Fame, and why aren’t Jeremy Jones, and Charlie Gamble IV in there too???
(This is probably our most important question of all, and now we have to go to work to answer this one…If anyone in the N.C. A&T Athletic Department would like to help us out, come on over and let us know wat is going on, right here in our “What’s Up With That File” for today)….

C.J. Beatty deserves to be in there, and that is based upon what early research we have been able to do, but the glaring omission of Jeremy Jones and Charlie Gamble IV, has left us scratching our head today, and if you scratch your head too much on these real warm/hot days, your hair starts falling out, and we don’t want that to be happening, and that is why we have hit the ground running with this story/article/post….

Enad Haddad, our special correspondent in the area of baseball is researching this area for us right, and he should be ready to make and reveal a full report in just a few days…We do not have the full resources of publications like the Wall Street Journal, but rest assured, we will give this the same attention WSJ gave during their recent investigation into Vince McMahon and his improper behavior, as the CEO of the WWE….

Stay tuned, we have only just begun, and more info is coming your way very soon….

5 thoughts on “Jeremy Jones overlooked as an entry to NC A&T Hall of Fame Class of 2022:What is up with the inductions into the N.C. A&T Hall of Fame???

  1. I agree that both Jones and Gamble need to be in the NC A&T HOF. Let’s start a petition drive to get them in there.

  2. Heard some talk around town about the online petition that was being started up to get Jeremy Jones and Charlie Gamble IV into the North Carolina A&T Sports Hall of Fame.

    I am on board with this and where do we go to sign up? Hearing this all got started from over here at this website, and that is why I came over to get more information.


  3. I am a Big A&T Sports Booster and don’t know much about the baseball team. Are these guys really any good? Has the A&T baseball team ever done anything? If so what?

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