Message from Omega Sports CEO, Craig Carlock asking for/seeking your Summer Sneaker Trade-Ins


Omega Sports Customers,

Last week, we kicked off our annual Summer Sneaker Trade-In event in all neighborhood stores.

We are celebrating the 30th year of SSTI, where each July, Omega Sports collects used athletic shoes and donates them to local families who can really use them. This is a wonderful way for members of our community to work together to make a positive difference for children, seniors and families.

Your donation helps those in need enjoy running, walking and playing.

For us, it’s all about our mission to help friends and neighbors lead active lives and grow a greater neighborship with our communities.

Over the last 3-decades, Omega Sports customers have donated more than 100,000 pairs of shoes to those in need.

And there’s still more time! This year’s savings are designed to be even better than ever. If you haven’t heard what’s new this year, please check out below or go directly to our Summer Sneaker Trade-In page.

We hope you will participate if you have not already done so.

It’s simple.

Just drop off your used shoes at your neighborhood sports store, and we’ll clean and donate them. No hassles, just neighborly service.

Each customer that donates a pair will get in-store savings of up to $30 OFF on new pairs of shoes.* It’s a WIN/WIN for all.

The event ends on July, 27, 2022.

Thank you for helping us make our 30th year of Summer Sneaker Trade-In a big success.
Craig Carlock

If you’re shopping online, please take advantage of $30 OFF $145.*
If you’re local, drop off an older unwanted pair of shoes to help neighbors in need, or find a local organization in your area that could benefit from the donation.
*Applicable offers are in stores unless designated for online.

Donating multiple shoes and want to save on multiple shoes?
Let us help you save even more!

In addition to our Summer Sneaker Trade-In, we can’t enjoy summer without an ice-cold Cheerwine, can we?
We love partnering with this iconic North Carolina brand to make summer even sweeter.

We’ve teamed up with Cheerwine once again for their Uniquely Southern Summer Contest.
Enter today to win a $200 Omega Sports Gift Card, a hydraulic rocker chair from GCI Outdoor, and a YETI Rambler.

Our North Carolina PLAY PARTNER, NC Eat & Play has the right idea when it comes to cool outdoor play. Everyone wants this perfectly-paired sweet gift package.