MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred addresses Minor Baseball Players not being paid a living wage

Rob Manfred: ‘I kind of reject the premise of the question, that minor league players are not paid a living wage’
from Victor Barbosa, with

In early July, Executive Director of Advocates for Minor Leaguers Harry Marino sent a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee leadership calling for MiLB players to get the same protections already given to MLB players.

Last week, MLB agreed to pay $185 million to settle a federal class-action lawsuit with minor league players.

On Tuesday, just hours before the MLB All-Star Game, commissioner Rob Manfred addressed the topic of Minor League Baseball player salaries.

According to Advocates for Minor Leaguers, players in Triple-A currently make a minimum of $700 a week, Double-A players $600, Single-A players $500 and complex-league players $400. Furthermore, there are six teams that don’t pay players who are in extended spring training camps.

Players also receive signing bonuses, which range from $1,000 to the $8 million Gerritt Cole received as the No. 1 overall pick in 2011. Those figures were as of two weeks ago, before the 2022 MLB Amateur Draft began.

On Monday, No. 3 overall pick Kumar Rocker agreed to a $5.2 million signing bonus with the Texas Rangers. On Tuesday, No. 2 selection Druw Jones came to terms with the Arizona Diamondbacks on a $8.1 million deal.