Dudley High School 7 on 7 Football Event CANCELLED due to extreme Heat

They shut it all down this morning around 10am, and the 2022 Dudley High School 7 on 7 Football Passing Event/Tournament, was CANCELLED due to the extreme heat and humidity conditions on the field, at Tarpley Stadium, at James B. Dudley High School, on Lincoln Street, in Greensboro…

The event did get cranked up at 9:30am and they were able to get in a couple of games, but when things got started, the heat index was at 93 degrees on the field inside Tarpley Stadium, but when the heat index reached 96 degrees, and that came at around 10am, it was time to shut it all down, and have the teams head back home…

Hoping for cooler days in the future, but as for today, cooler heads did prevail, and the Dudley High School Football 7 on 7 Passing Tournament was CANCELLED……


  • Noticing says:

    All of the games played and highlights those young men put out and this is all the news that’s reported? Your bias against Dudley SHOWS!!

  • Andy Durham says:

    When I got over to Dudley on Saturday, the games were over, and all of the teams were gone…Hard to write and talk about games when they are not playing any games…

    They played just a few early games, and not hardly any at all, and I was coming in there for the Championship Round Games, and there were none…

    At the last Dudley 7 on 7 I had around 25 videos with Dudley, Page, Western Alamance, and another team….Lots of Dudley video from that 7 on 7, and that doesn’t sound like any bias to me…

    Check your numbers, mine are spot on…

  • page alum says:

    Andy is a class act, he is not bias towards dudley at all, he gets around to all the schools and support them all.

  • Eagle says:

    Just like Dudley have all them schools come down just to end up cancelling an event. So nobody checked the weather for that day. Smh do better.

  • Clint (Eagles) says:

    I got there about 9:45. Looked to me like the teams got 2 or 3 games in and they stopped about 11:45. Mallard Creek looked to be the strongest team. Looked like they out scored everybody they played including Dudley. They got into a face off with Chambers that was worth the 10 dollars to get in. It was really hot but the teams did get some good work in.

  • Andy Durham says:

    Need to look to moving these games to the night time, say with a start of around 7:30pm…

    Would be hopefully a lot cooler, and a lot safer…

    Would like to see them on a Friday evening, something about that Friday night football feeling, that is really good….

  • Fball fan says:

    There’s no bias against Dudley, if anything they are one of the teams that get a lot of coverage.

    They have a bright future. It looked as if everyone except a few guys were all underclassmen and they still played well.

    Also, that night time idea under the lights is a brilliant idea. Hopefully teams try it in the near future.

  • James C. says:

    Man those Dudley fans are complaining about not getting coverage is totally false. The coverage they need to get is playing in the weak 3A conference that they will probably win for the next 2-4 years. Give them that coverage. It’s always whining from the parents of a kid that’s not probably getting any other press. Don’t blame Andy. Andy is totally fair I’ve seen him a lot at Dudley. What else would you like to see Andy do far as Dudley concerns? Keep up the great work Andy!!!

  • straightup says:

    Dudley Page Grimsley usually gets more cover than anyone else across all media in this area but so be it. Andy a fair guy and does the best he can to cover the sports and schools. Only knock i would say is i’d like to see more girls sports coverage but i understand it is difficult to get to them all. Keep doing what you do Mr. Andy.

  • Facts says:

    @James C. They don’t control what conference they are in. Regardless of the conference, Dudley will be Dudley. They have won 4A championships and 3A. They held their own out there and could compete with anyone and had majority underclassmen out there. I’m sure whoever you are a fan of hasn’t done much or been as consistent over the years. Anyways, keep doing your thing Andy.

  • Noticing says:

    @James C., Geesh, it was referencing ALL THE Kids, you know the ones that traveled from out of town? Joe Sierra got some coverage. Seems like you know it all, put your school up against them and lets see who whines!

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