Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder testifying before Congress about his team’s misconduct

Commanders owner Dan Snyder testifying before Congress about team’s history of misconduct
from Adam Stites, with

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder began testifying Thursday before a congressional committee investigating the team’s history of workplace misconduct, according to ESPN.

“Snyder has committed to providing full and complete testimony, and to answer the committee’s questions about his knowledge of and contributions to the Commanders’ toxic work environment, as well as his efforts to interfere with the NFL’s internal investigation, without hiding behind non-disclosure or other confidentiality agreements,” a committee spokesperson said in a statement.

Snyder, 57, previously had a battle with the committee over whether his testimony would come under subpoena. Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney issued a subpoena for Snyder, but it was never served as the Commanders owner was traveling internationally.

Instead, the committee eventually agreed to allow Snyder to provide his testimony voluntarily and not under oath.

In February, Snyder was accused of inappropriate conduct by a former team employee who said he put “his hand on the middle of [her] thigh.” Two months later, the House Oversight and Reform Committee to the Federal Trade Commission shared evidence that the Commanders cheated season ticket holders and other NFL teams out of money with illegal business practices.

Snyder and the Commanders have publicly denied those allegations.