Happy Birthday to Stan Lane(Page HS) who celebrated his 69th birthday on Friday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stan Lane…69, and still doing fine….Before he attained all of his accomplishments in professional wrestling, Stan Lane attended Page High School, in Greensboro, N.C., and is a proud former Page Pirate…

Stan was at Page HS, about the same time that big man/strong man Phil Wise was passing through..Stan is the son of Wally Lane, and pretty sure Wally Lane sold real estate, here in Greensboro…Again, Happy Birthday to Greensboro’s very own, “Sweet” Stan Lane….

from Friday on Today in Pro Wrestling History:
“Sweet” Stan Lane. Stan is 69 years old today.
He formed multiple successful tag teams throughout the course of his career; The Fabulous Ones with Steve Keirn, The Midnight Express with Eaton and The Heavenly Bodies with Tom Prichard.
He held dozens of titles throughout his career including the NWA World belts with “Beautiful” Bobby.
Did you know that in retirement Lane has been an announcer for speedboat racing on ESPN?
Happy birthday Stan Lane!

Stan, as an ESPN/WWF announcer…He did speedboat races, and some wrestling announcing..

Stan, as part of the Midnight Express, with his partner Bobby Eaton, and manager Jim Cornette

Stan, as a part of the Fabulous Ones, with Steve Keirn

Stan, as part of the Heavenly Bodies tag-team, with his tag-team partner, Dr. Tom Pritchard, and their manager, Jim Cornette…