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Top Local High School Football Players to be watching for/looking for, as we head into the Scrimmages this week, and the Games next week

**********Top Local High School Football Players to be watching for/looking for…**********

We have been talking about all of the Top Players that we expect to see this upcoming high school football season, and we have been on the QB trail with names like Jack Mercer at Northern Guilford, Tanner Ballou, at NWG, Andrew Attmore II at Dudley, Tyrek Boyd at Eastern Guilford, Jamias Ferere at Southern Guilford, Ryan Stephens at Grimsley, Jerron Blackwell and Nick Williamson at Page HS, and there are many more of the QB’s that we have been talking about…

We have mentioned several of those key Wide Receivers like the load at Grimsley with Alex Taylor, Terrell Anderson, Nolan Albright, Jaylon Bumpass, Faison Brandon and others…

Northern with their key TE in Vance Bolyard, Page with Blackwell at WR, along with Parker Maynard and others, Dudley with Nasir Newkirk and Cordell Bartley, NWG with Bristol Carter and Trent Cloud, Smith with CJ Neeley, and the list goes on, and on…..You could add in Cam Williams from Southeast Guilford and Nic Caldwell from Grimsley, to the Athletes list, and another athlete and a top receiver, is Barry Tate from Northeast Guilford High School…RJ Baker from Dudley High School, might be the best overall athlete in the state of North Carolina…

Top offensive linemen like Walt Turner, out at Northwest Guilford High School, top defensive linemen like Logan Wright at Dudley, Jamaal Jarrett from Grimsley, and Tremel Hester from Page…Top linebackers like Braxton Veiga and Solomon Howell from Eastern Guilford, you have Shawn Seagraves from Dudley at defensive back, plus Blackwell from Page, is very solid defensive back…

Now who are we leaving out??? The top running backs and who are they this season????? Trevon Hester from Page is gone, Jeiel Melton from Grimsley is gone, Michael Shaw from Dudley gone, Jayden Evans from Eastern Guilford could/is going to be out for the season with an injury, but he might make it back for the last month of the season…

But, when you begin to break it all down, the running back spot does not light it up, like it has in the past….Who are the top running backs going to be this upcoming high school football season???

You can’t have a bounty of success, if you don’t have some of those top running backs to get you going….Again, who will they be this season???

I know Page has Paul Thompson back, and Grimsley has Mitchell Summers coming up from the JV’s and Dudley has a new back or two…But who will the RB leaders be???

We need to start smoking them out, and we hope to be doing that here soon…I think we did a decent job listing the other key players, but what about the RB’s???

And lest we forget the kickers/punters, Aidan Bonde from Southeast Guilford HS is among the top/best in the state, and Page has a very good kicker coming back too…Page K/P is Tylar Elliott…

Lots of good ones out there, and we need to give them all their props, but the running back spot is still wide-open when it comes to someone taking the lead step forward…

Here are some more names that came in my way, on Wednesday night:
Most of these kids played in the Northwest Guilford-WS Reagan scrimmage on Wednesday night, at NWG…..
NWG DB Miles Archie(SR.)
NWG LB Conner Bolton(SR.)
NWG DB Ryan Debo(Soph.)
NWG WR Prince Brown(Soph.)
Also add-in Joey Russom DL from NWG…



14 Comments on “Top Local High School Football Players to be watching for/looking for, as we head into the Scrimmages this week, and the Games next week

  1. Dudley has the best up and coming RB, he’s a rising sophomore. He was getting majority of the reps this summer splitting them with senior jailen hicks but he recently got injured and will miss the first 4 games of the season. Be on the lookout come playoff time and years to come, you heard here first!!!

    As far as upper class men, I’m not sure who will breakout out but I’m interested to see.

  2. Faison a qb or WR at grimsley?
    Taylor, Terrell, Blackwell, Tate, Cloud, Jarett, Bolyard
    are the names who jump out for me.
    Add Carter from NWG he makes plays.
    SWG also has a nice WR but i forgot his name.

  3. So Dudley doesn’t have RJ Baker??

    And don’t sleep on Zion McCoy from High Point Central who had over 1100 yrds rushing in his sophomore season!!!

  4. @K Russ Dudley does have RJ Baker but he mainly plays slot WR. Also, I know who Zion is and been watching him since his youth football days. He’s always been tough.

  5. Yes, we also remember Zion McCoy from HP Central…He made our stats sheet several times last season…He had some very big games for the Bison…

    Going to be interesting to see where Faison lines up for the Grimsley Whirlies…

    Heard Grimsley was very strong throwing the ball vs. Glenn, this morning/Wednesday morning…

  6. Was not aware of the hpc kid did not notice him. Shocked grimsley did not grab him lol.
    Blackwell Tate for me most dangerous dudes out here.
    Tate needs help out there at neg just like the hpc kid.

  7. Southeast Guilford, Eastern Guilford, Northeast Guilford, and Morehead getting on the fields at SEG…DARK clouds in the background there…On the practice fields now, and will be on the game field at 7:30pm….

  8. Tate’s a baller, no doubt, but had to laugh at his “official” stats from last season on MaxPreps. He was listed with more catches than Northeast had completed passes. Even around here that’s not possible.

  9. Lol bogus stats aside the kid is dynamic.
    He pops out when you watch the games. And I mean no disrespect to the others at neg but he is on an island with no help. Mad props to him for that. He also obviously loyal to his school and program. Tate I salute shoot I would have jumped ship in a hot minute lol.

  10. I see people get to hung up on stats too much instead of actually watching the game and that’s the problem. Majority of the top players named on this forum trained together all off season and it’s obvious who the best players are if you actually go out and watch them.

  11. Here are some more names that came in my way, on Wednesday night:
    Most of these kids played in the Northwest Guilford-WS Reagan scrimmage on Wednesday night, at NWG…..
    NWG DB Miles Archie(SR.)
    NWG LB Conner Bolton(SR.)
    NWG DB Ryan Debo(Soph.)
    NWG WR Prince Brown(Soph.)

    I asked some of the NEG coaches last year about the Barry Tate numbers, and they weren’t sure where they all came from, but they have told us he is, “Too Legit to Quit”…He goes hard and is going to be one of the top players in our area this season…NEG-Ragsdale in Week One..

    Barry Tate has two younger brothers on the NEG Rams’ football team..One of them is a junior, and the other brother, is a freshman…NEG coaches feel like the freshman Tate, will be coming strong out-of-the-gate…

  12. Northern Guilford running back Mark Johnson had a good day on the ground against easy Forsyth and also caught a receiving touchdown he sat behind Jordan Mcinnis and waited his turn last year definitely a dark horse at the RB position definitely one of the top running backs in the county this year.

  13. Nwg should be solid and debo is a good football player. Underrated around here for me.
    Grimsley is stacked but maybe need to give faizon the reigns to make sure they get as far as they can.
    Fball fan I agree don’t get caught up on stats look at who jumps off on film and Who is explosive.
    No rb or qb from a recruiting or college level ball jumps out at me around here to be honest. I am Not saying they are not decent players.
    Good wr and defensive players for sure.

  14. @wait and see
    i guess rj baker from dudley doesnt jump out at you around here?
    also qb’s around here dont jump out at you? how about jalen raynor from EF, tanner ballou from nw and jack mercer from ng
    not sure you watch much football around here if you think just these guys alone dont jump at you college level, no matter d1-d3 recruitable. some have offers already, many for that matter
    nwg should be solid debo is nice
    ng d is suspect and grimsley qb situation not sure yet wait and see

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