Was Tom Brady on the ‘Masked Singer Show’ on FOX during the recent training camp break in his NFL career???

Fox teasing Tom Brady was on ‘The Masked Singer’ during break from Buccaneers?
from Zac Wassink, with YardBarker.com/www.yardbarker.com

As far as outsiders are concerned, the 11-day training-camp break that quarterback Tom Brady recently enjoyed away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers remains mostly unexplained other than that it was supposedly related to unspecified “personal reasons” and reportedly included a family vacation in the Bahamas.

Internet sleuths digging for clues had suggested via a theory that went viral that Brady was filming an episode of Fox’s “The Masked Singer” during his hiatus. It’s not all that wild of an idea, as the 45-year-old put pen to paper on a 10-year deal allegedly worth $375 million this past spring to become the lead NFL analyst for Fox Sports whenever he retires from playing. Perhaps that contract included Brady making a “Masked Singer” cameo.

Brady tried to pour cold water over the rumors earlier this week:

Clearly, not everybody is buying what he was selling.

As Ryan Glasspiegel explained for the New York Post, TMZ Sports has shared footage that shows “The Masked Singer” judge Ken Jeong claiming that he knows none other than Brady was one of the costumed celebrities.

In the clip, Jeong initially guesses the singer is Peyton Manning, Brady’s on-the-field rival and off-the-field buddy. Eventually, though, Jeong changes his tune and says he just watched “the greatest of all time” perform.

“He just got fined for not showing up to training camp because he is here on ‘The Masked Singer.’ This is seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady!” Jeong continues before the clip cuts off.

Per TMZ, Season 8 of “The Masked Singer” debuts on Fox on Sept. 21.

Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles and general manager Jason Licht both previously said Brady’s absence was preplanned and cleared by the team, so the future Hall of Famer likely wasn’t fined for his actions.

That doesn’t, however, mean that he wasn’t taping for Fox either before or after a getaway to the Bahamas.