Week Two Texas Roadhouse High School Football Picks Winner was trying, his name is Brian, and now he won’t have to be frying his own steak

Week Two/Week #2 Winner of the Texas Roadhouse High School Picks Contest was ‘Flying’ Brian Avolio, from out there on the Northeast side of the county…Brian is the Athletic Director at Northeast Guilford Middle School, and he is an assistant coach for the Northeast Guilford High School Rams unbeaten(2-0) Varsity football team…

Our congrats this week to Brian Avolio, a diehard GreensboroSports follower for many years now…

And as we all can now conclude, Brian was trying, and now he won’t have to be frying his steak…It will be “Tin Roof Special”, because it is now on the house, the Texas Roadhouse, and courtesy of GreensboroSports.com….

The Week #3 Contest is now under way, and who knows, today might be YOUR lucky day, or maybe this is your week, to get them all correct, and end up in the 100%-tile…Brian only missed three picks in last week’s contest, and that is pretty sharp, with all of the crazy contests, that were going on out there, last Friday night….

Press on, and make it your goal to win this season….

As the man says on the evening lottery report, there on FOX 8 TV, PLAY ON AMERICA!!!!!