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Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Scoreboard – Week #3

Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Scoreboard – Week #3

Game ONE of the Week Stream: Durham Hillside at Dudley with Don Tilley and Andy Durham.

Game TWO of the Week Stream: High Point Central at Southwest Guilford with Demetri Morrison.

UPDATE 5 1:31am

Page (1-2) – 14
Mount Tabor (3-0) – 29

Durham Hillside (2-0) – 15
Dudley (1-1) – 8

Eastern Alamance (3-0) – 41
Northern Guilford (2-1) – 35

Winston-Salem Reynolds (1-2) – 6
Northwest Guilford (2-1) – 49

Northeast Guilford (3-0) – 18
Morehead (2-1) – 7

High Point Central (0-3) – 6
Southwest Guilford (2-1) – 49

Thomasville (2-0) – 38
High Point Andrews (2-1) – 2

Ragsdale (0-3) – 20
Oak Grove (3-0) – 21

Eastern Guilford (0-2) – 26
Western Alamance (1-1) – 28

Western Guilford (0-2) – 0
Southern Guilford (0-2) – 24

Grace Christian Academy (0-3) – 6
High Point Christian Academy (3-0) – 49

Graham (0-3) – 12
Bishop McGuinness (1-2) – 25

Burlington Williams (2-1) – 37
Southern Alamance (1-2) – 20

Myers Park (0-2) – 14
Winston-Salem Reagan (2-1) – 17

East Surry (3-0) – 42
West Stokes (2- 1) – 7

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14 Comments on “Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Scoreboard – Week #3

  1. I’m glad Grimsley didn’t get a game with Dudley. Who would want to go over there and deal with that Chaos??? Get it together. The kids deserve better.

  2. Yes Hillside gets the win and not sure when I ever heard of a game called because of fights. How did Page do tonight? Another hard L I believe.

  3. It’s so funny man, Grimsley fans are the BIGGEST dang haters I tell you. That fight had nothing to do with the players on the field. Y’all love to hate on Dudley cause they are the only real threat to Grimsley right now as far as programs doing good and getting talent in. What’s funny is some of y’all own players was at the game instead of watching a conference opponent on their bye week. Y’all are a joke!!!

  4. @GFan a straight cornball! Y’all don’t know how to act when the program is doing well. It won’t be long before Page is back being good and battling Grimsley so be humble.

  5. The fight was kids that didn’t go to Dudley. It was kids from other school. Dudley was the only team playing in town. So you had kids from Smith, Southeast, grimsley a at the game

  6. Uh, Grimsley’s upcoming conference opponent is Southeast, it’s their bye week, so how exactly do you watch a team play on their bye week

  7. Dudley players wasn’t even on the field when it happened, they were still inside at half. Worry about Grimsley and making it past the second round this year.

  8. Really has nothing to do with no other school own up to y’all own ignorance. Stabbing and shots fired come on it’s all on James B. Dudley. I’m mad because it was the fact they came to fight had nothing to do with game. Girls and boys mase and all it was a planned fight. Makes the good folk look bad. All schools have fight but this was what they came to do.

  9. On another note, let’s talk about that great game between Northern and East Alamance or the fact NW offense has been on fire. It will be an interesting next few weeks.

  10. Game was called and Durham Hillside was declared the 15-8 winner tonight…That may change if there is some sort of appeal to the NCHSAA…

    (Dudley with a touchdown and a safety, and they had their PAT kick blocked…Hillside with 2 TD’s, an XPT PAT kick and a two-point pass conversion. Duce Harris with a TD catch and a Two-point conversion grab for Hillside…RJ Baker with a TD grab for Dudley…Logan Wright and others, part of the crew that forced the Hillside safety.)

    The Dudley and Hillside football players didn’t have anything to do with the game being called at halftime…

    Kids were wired up and fighting in the parking lot..They were not watching the game, they were fighting and probably didn’t even know the score of the game…..

    The reports of knives and gun shots were tweeted out by somebody, and from what I was told, that was not true…It was just fights in the parking lot, just outside of the stadium and away from the game…

    You can not blame any of this on the Dudley football team, they were taking a knee near midfield, and listening to their coaches…

    Coach Steven Davis, his coaching staff, the Dudley AD Coach Lee, and the Dudley principal, they all work hard to keep Dudley up and running right…

    This was an isolated incident in the parking lot outside the stadium itself, and it had nothing to do with the football game…

    There were police cars everywhere, and the GPD did a good job of covering this situation….They responded in mass, and they got over there quickly…

    That was most police cars I have seen at a school, since that reported shooter calling in a false alarm report to General Greene School back last May…And General Greene principal Harris did an excellent job of defusing that problem as well…

    Dudley and the GDP kept it safe for the Dudley and Hillside football players, the fans, and the parents from each side, both Dudley and Hillside…

    All fans were asked to leave the stadium, and did leave in an orderly fashion…

    A bad and unfortunate situation, and just wish Dudley could have maintained that 8-7 lead they had, up until about 20 seconds left in the first half, and then Dudley would have been declared the winner….

    They need to find a place in town, where everyone that wants to fight, could do so and settle their differences…

    Load up an old bus, so they can fight on the way over there, and then bus them to the Lindley Boxing Center, and let them go at it, with bare knuckles in the ring…Fight till you drop, or find a nice field on the outskirts of town where these parking lot fighters can go and settle their differences and if they want to, beat each others brains out, out and away from the civilized population…

    We need some good alternatives to the local parking lot fights…

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