High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:”Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”(Stayed away last night, but sure is coming down this morning)

As we enter the realm of the High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind, let’s pause for just a second, and say a word of Thanks for our dry Friday night…A bit breezy, as we look back at last night, but no rain…But, here on this Saturday Morning Rewind time, the rains have come in…Again, a big word of Thanks, for No Rain, back on Friday evening…

And with the rains in our vicinity, let us now go into our Saturday Morning Rewind session, as I still think back to what Tim Buckley, from WFMY TV 2, was telling us back on Thursday night, prior to our Friday Night Football games…Tim said, “It is going to be a beautiful night for Friday Night Football”, and Tim was right on the money with that statement, and he was right on time…So, I guess you could say, “Tim was right on Time”, and I’m glad he was, and let’s do it again for next Friday night, OK???
(And here is a rugged group of fellas that are singing their song, and it goes something like, “Have you ever seen the rain, coming down, on a sunny day?”…..CCR with the bars.)

Now to the Batmobile Alfred, and let’s crank up the “Saturday Morning Rewind”…..

Sort of a lite night, last night, but let’s do all we can to keep the Rewind, a running….Rewind, Rewind the Rewind, Rewind, Rewind the Rewind….

Joe Sirera, from the News and Record/HSXtra.com gets the ball first today, and Joe has the Reidsville-Eastern Alamance game rolling in this morning, and CLICK HERE to get into the game zone, from Community Stadium, at Reidsville last night…

Let’s delve into the Fever next, and you can CLICK HERE for the Friday Football Fever, from WFMY TV 2 Sports, with Amanda Ferguson, Jaylen Gilkey, and the Carolina Panthers man from last night, as they Rewind the games that made the Fever click…And the Fever had a special Rewind last night, as they took a look back at Keenan Allen, back when he was playing for the Northern Guilford Nighthawks, and Allen will suit it up again this coming Sunday, for the Los Angeles Chargers…No Chad Silber, with the Fever Crew last night…

Now it is your turn to turn here, and CLICK HERE, for the Friday Football Frenzy, from WGHP FOX 8 Sports, with Kevin Connolly, Danny Harnden, and Clare Goodwin…

Up to the plate next we have the High School Playbook, from WXII TV 12, with Lauren Walsh and John Johnson…Always good to get a look into the football playbook, before the next game hits you where the good Lord split ya…CLICK HERE

We are digging deep to find more entries for this week’s Rewind, and here we come now with Walt Unks, from the Winston-Salem Journal, with his photos from the East Forsyth-South Iredell game, from Friday evening…CLICK HERE for those vivid photos…We do not know Walt Unks, but we do know and respect the excellent job that Coach Todd Willert and assistant coach Aaron Beal do with the East Forsyth Eagles…This might be the spot where we would step up and declare that Guilford County HS Football is superior to the Forsyth County Football, but we can’t do that, because they have some equalizers over there in Forsyth County…Healthy competition between the two entities, even though we don’t go across that County Line very often, unless we are on our way to say maybe, Statesville N.C., or maybe headed up to Hickory….

We will leave our comfort zone next and look to the Triangle, where the WRALSportsFan.com and their HighSchool OT section has info on Grimsley over Pinecrest from Friday night…Ryan Stephens, Faizon Brandon, Mitchell Summers and Darrin Davis repping the horn for the Whirlies in this contest…Had not heard of ‘Daring Darrin Davis’ before, but we can get it all, on the Whirlies over the Patriots(Pinecrest) when you CLICK HERE….Kyle Morton doing the Rewinding from HSOT….

Let’s get you headed back to the Friday Night Finish, from last evening, and it comes your way from your Guilford County Sports Connection, and your primary sports producers, and that would be your good friends, at GreensboroSports.com…Here it is Mr. Tisdale, on the Saturday Morning Rewind, as we look back, at Durham Jordan at Southeast Guilford from Friday night….
CLICK HERE and you are there, my friends, and my foes, and here she goes…..

CLICK HERE for more from the HSOT, as they bring us the Durham Hillside Hornets over Rolesville, from last night…Durham(Hillside) came to Greensboro last week, and then they came back to Greensboro last night(Durham Jordan)…Seems like we are turning Greensboro into Durham, or maybe a major Durham influence(ole Andy) was already prevailing here in Greensboro, before the other Durham bunch showed up….

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