JV Football Tonight Finals for 9/22/22:Thursday Night Scoreboard:Eastern Guilford, Grimsley, Page, NG, SWG, NEG, Dudley, and Smith all Winners

Varsity Final:Eastern Guilford 43, High Point Central 0
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JV Football Tonight Finals:
Grimsley 22, Northwest Guilford 14
More details on this game on the way…
Page 27, Ragsdale 0
Northern Guilford 34, Southeast Guilford 0
Southwest Guilford 28, Western Guilford 6
Northeast Guilford 26, Southern Guilford 20
Dudley 2, WS Atkins 0
Dudley(2-2)/WS Atkins(0-1)
Smith 21, Rockingham County 8

High Point Andrews(1-1) at McMichael(1-3)

HP Andrews(1-1)

Game Report on Grimsley at Northwest Guilford JV’s..
0:19 remaining in the First Quarter Grimsley scores on a 31-yard TD pass from Crawford to Cato…It was Crawford to Cooper on the two-point pass, and Grimsley leads Northwest Guilford, 8-0
End of First Quarter:Grimsley 8, Northwest Guilford 0

2:42 left in the Second Quarter, Grimsley scores on a 1-yard run by QB Crawford…Two-point run was good by Crawford, and the score is now, Grimsley 16, Northwest Guilford 0
Halftime:Grimsley 16, Northwest Guilford 0

1:35 to play in the Third Quarter, Grimsley gets a 53-yard TD pass from Crawford to Cato and the two-point run fails, and the new score is, Grimsley 22, Northwest Guilford 0
End of Third Quarter:Grimsley 22, Northwest Guilford 0

8:18 left in the ball game, Northwest Guilford gets on the scoreboard with a 35-yard touchdown pass from Mitchell to Parrot and the two-point run by Kyle is good, and your new score is, Grimsley 22, Northwest Guilford 8
4:35 remaining in the ball game/Fourth Quarter, NWG comes up with 30-yard pass from Mitchell to Parrot again, and that places the ball at the Grimsley two-yard line, and Kyle takes it in from there, for the NWG TD…The NWG try for the two-point run is no good, and our score, with 4:35 left in the game is, Grimsley 22, Northwest Guilford 14
After a couple of changes of possession, NWG had the ball back one last time with under a minute to play in the game, but Grimsley came up with a big Interception, and that closed the door on Northwest Guilford, and Grimsley goes on to win this Metro 4-A contest…
Final Score from R.H. Billings Stadium, on the Northwest Guilford High School campus:
Grimsley Whirlies 22, Northwest Guilford Vikings 14

First Half Highlights:
Running back Micah Williams had big first half carrying the ball for the Grimsley Whirlies…Williams was a little man, but he was hard to corral and bring down/tackle…Williams had at least five Grimsley first downs running the in the first half for Grimsley…The Whirlies also got big yardage from their QB Crawford, and his favorite receiver was Cato…Crawford to Cato, Crawford to Cooper, and then Crawford running the ball into the end zone for touchdowns, and two-point conversions…Northwest Guilford also got some key runs from their QB Mitchell, and NWG got tackling help from Deegan Sowards…One of the better plays of the first half, is when Vance(NWG) was tackled by France(Grimsley)…Vance stopped by France, was the call from Northwest Guilford “Voice of Thursday Night JV Football”, Mr. Dan Hylton…Captain Dan is one of the top HS public address announcers in the state of North Carolina…He is dad of NWG boys assistant basketball coach, Cody Hylton…Cody is the head boys basketball coach at the Northwest Guilford Middle School…Captain Dan, alway ready with the High School Football game plan…We like to thank Dan Hylton for his service to the Northwest Guilford community all of these years, and he has been at it for a good while, doing the PA work for NWG football and basketball….

Second Half Highlights:
NWG has the first possession of the second half, and the Grimsley defense stops the NWG offense…NWG punts…Grimsley gets the ball, and then the Whirlies punt…NWG ball and the Vikings end up punting the ball back to the Whirlies…Grimsley punts the ball back to NWG again, and the NWG Vikings fumble the punt…Grimsley ball…Grimsley scores the only touchdown of the third quarter…NWG gets hot with Mitchell targeting his top receiver, Parrot…Parrot flies up the field for big yardage…Battle-tested, Battle makes several key tackles for the Grimsley Whirlies, and then Mitchell takes off on a solid QB keeper for the first down, before he is finally brought down by Brown, from Grimsley…Mitchell and Parrot start to hook up on a regular basis in the fourth quarter, and Grimsley is getting chunks on their runs by Williams…But, Williams coughs up the football, and NWG recovers, and the Vikings are back in business again…NWG goes back to Mitchell on the ground, but Mitchell finds Parrot in flight, and hits for a big thirty-yard gainer, that sets up a two-yard NWG TD run by Kyle…Grimsley gets the ball back, but they fumble the ball back to NWG, and NWG begins a drive that is moving until the Vikings come up short on a fourth down pass completion to Quincy Bell Jr. NWG came up just short of the needed first down yardage…Grimsley closed out the game with a win, and NWG came up just a few yards short, but you could also say that Northwest waited too late, to get started…NWG was too quiet in the first, and the Vikings came on with the late surge in the game, but it was not enough, and the ballgame goes to the Grimsley Whirlies…

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