Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Scoreboard – Week #6

Game ONE of the Week Stream: Ragsdale at Page with Don Tilley and Andy Durham.

Game TWO of the Week Stream: Western Guilford at Southwest Guilford with Demetri Morrison.

UPDATE 10 – 10:50 PM – ALL FINAL

Northwest Guilford (3-1) – 12
Grimsley (4-0) – 55

Ragsdale (1-4) – 7
Page (3-2) – 14

Northern Guilford (3-2) – 38
Southeast Guilford (3-2) – 21

Western Guilford (0-5) – 7
Southwest Guilford (3-2) – 38

Northeast Guilford (3-2) – 6
Southern Guilford (3-2) – 22

Winston-Salem Atkins (1-3) – 0
Dudley (3-2) – 58

Smith (1-4) – 8
Rockingham County (2-3) – 14

McMichael (5-1) – 34
High Point Andrews (3-3) – 26

Winston-Salem Carver (2-4) – 14
Bishop McGuinness (1-5) – 12

High Point Christian (3-2) – 0
Covenant Day School (5-0) – 42

Eastern Alamance (4-1) – 22
Western Alamance (3-3) – 16

Winston-Salem Reagan (3-2) – 28
Glenn (2-3) – 26

Asheboro (1-4) – 2
Southwestern Randolph (4-1) – 40

Thomasville (4-1) – 45
North Rowan (4-2) – 13

Reidsville – 36
North Forsyth – 7

Davie County – 21
East Forsyth – 56

FINAL Thursday
Eastern Guilford (2-3) – 43
High Point Central (0-5) – 0

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  • Gfan says:

    East Forsyth..the Whirlies are coming for ya.

  • Gfan says:

    SEG all I I can say is I’m very sorry for ya.

  • Smh says:

    East Forsyth not worried about no whirlies lol

  • Page Alum says:

    Page 21 – Ragsdale 7 F
    2-0 in conference play

  • Gfan says:

    Show of hands who thinks Page will win the Metro? Deserves a good chuckle.

  • HatersHate says:

    A lot of football season left to play, but it was a comedy at N. Josephine Boyd St. tonight. Whirlies roll. So much for the high profile scoring NW offense.

  • Welp says:

    Just like nobody think Grimsley will win another state championship this year…

  • Pirate fan says:

    Grimsley won a 10 game (including playoffs and the state game) spring championship. Still have yet to actually go through a full fall season and win it all. I don’t expect it to happen this year either. It’s going to be a rude awakening when you go undefeated in the regular season just to lose. This years team isn’t even better than last years team. When you play a team just as talented that you can’t take players from you will lose every time.

  • HatersHate says:

    @welp Week to week man. Just keep it week to week. Whirlies will be just fine.

  • HatersHate says:

    @Piratefan everyone played the same shortened season. So that’s a dumb, useless, irrelevant comment.

    And here you go with the “take players from” angle. Lol

  • Fb fan says:

    Football is about individual matchups on the field. Northwest didn’t have two good corners to guard 8 and 3 for Grimsley. Any team that does in the playoffs can make it real difficult for them. The score can look worse than it actually is or get out of hand quick if you have just 1 or 2 mismatches. Good game whirles and anyone else who won tonight.

  • HatersHate says:

    @fbfan I can agree with your take to a degree. But, one would think, going into the game, NW might not wanna stick with the “man to man” scheme against those guys. Idk. Just a thought. NW coaches didn’t put their defense in the best position for success. Where I will disagree, is with your score comment. The score absolutely reflected the game, as well as the athletes on the field, and the coaches who prepare the athletes. NW is out matched in all areas and has been for several years now.

  • Fb fan says:

    @HatersHate Oh no, my comment about the score getting out of hand was more so a general statement about any game with a few mismatches. I agree, Northwest just didn’t have the athletes especially on defense. No offense to Grimsley at all but I don’t get why these coaches are playing defense the way they are against you all. Most of the routes are slants or hitches and neither WR is considered a “burner”. Take away the inside and make the throws as difficult as possible with little room towards the sideline. It seem like Northwest only works on Offense.

  • Ball says:

    Nwg obviously played the coverages wrong. No pass rush and grimsley QB wr will sting you.
    Time to adjust and make top three it is possible

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